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Crimes are one of the most important things in Unleashed Fear, it’s the key feature to building your character.
You’ll be committing crimes to strengthen your character but also to make money, but how do you know which crimes to commit?

In the beginning your character will be low ranked and weak, you won’t be able to succeed a lot of crimes and you will have to start out low.
By committing crimes your characters will start to develop, you’ll get stats, ranking points, money and crime experience.
Here are some pointers to take into mind when committing crimes, these pointers will help you on your path to becoming the new ruler of Unleashed Fear.

Crime experience
Crime experience is the key factor to start playing harder and more challenging crimes, the more experience the higher crimes you’ll be able to commit and the more money you’ll earn.
The more crimes you commit the more experience you’ll gain and the more experience you gain the higher crimes you can commit, you will see your success chances going up the more you crime.

Ranking points
Ranking allows you to unlock new features but not new crimes, rank is important but not as important as stats are. Always remember even if someone is higher in rank then you are, that doesn’t mean that their characters stats are better then yours. Each crime gives different stats and ranking point, some give low stats and high ranking points thus leading to a high ranked but low stats account, and visaversa of course.

Money rewards
The higher the crime the more money you’ll be earning, higher crimes means more cooldown time, but it also means more reward, higher crimes are generally harder to commit.

Character stats
When it comes to which crime is best for your characters stats? You will have to find that out yourself by trial & error, in the mafia world nobody lives forever and the only way to determine if a crime is good stats wise is by putting your account in harms-way.
Every crime gives certain stats like defense, offense and stealth, nobody knows exactly how much stats they give but you can get an indication of what kind of a crime it is by paying attention to the off/def/stl percentages, crimes with a high offense percentage give more offense then the other 2 stats.

Crimes change over time.
Crimes change overtime, as there are only 150 different crimes there is a 0.67% chance of finding “the best crime”  in the game, due to the fact that this crime often gets found the stats of crimes slowly change overtime.
What does this mean? The percentages in offense, defense and stealth won’t change, but the hidden amount of points these crimes give do change. If the best crime gets found and a lot of players start committing this crime over and over again the crime will slowly start giving less point, other crimes will slowly start giving more point, thus bringing more variation in crimes.
Every 5 minutes every crime will slowly but surely change over time. This happens to every crime regardless of what city their located in.

So what do I do?
It’s best to make a map of all the crimes, so you know where the offense, defense and stealth crimes are located, remember each city has 10 crimes, 15 cities in total which makes 150 total different crimes.
If you do not know how to make a crime map look at the image below, these are crimes from V1, every crime in every city, this way you know all the crimes. And you will know if you want to commit offense crimes you will have to go to city X.
There is no real way of knowing if a crime is good, the only way you can test if crimes are good is by putting your account at risk, you will have to engage in a family war in order to shoot/get shot at, and by choosing your opponents carefully.
If you commit a certain crime over and over again, and your opponent commit another crime over and over again, and they fail to kill you and you succeed in killing them you might get an idea of which crime is better then the other, but you still can’t absolutely be sure as you do not know which crimes your opponent commit and crimes change over time.
Sine every crime changes over time you’ll have to update your map regularly and accordingly.

What does a crimes list look like?

Crimes list

Crimes list


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