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Instant messaging can be important in Unleashed Fear, next to our ingame messaging system we also use chatrooms.
These chatrooms are always online and you can even access them from different locations or when the game is down.

These chatrooms can be found on IRC, you can download mIRC on mIRC.com.
Once you have installed the software you will have to configure some settings.

Full name: Choose a name
Email address: Your email address
Nickname: Choose the name you want to chat with
Alternative: Alternative nickname in case you disconnect

Once you have configured these settings there are some extra settings to connect to the right server.
You can configure these settings by going to: Server -> Add

Description:  Whatever you want to name it
IRC Server: irc.newnet.net
Port: 6667

Once all these settings have been configured you can try to connect, if you can’t or don’t know how to configure the server you can also connect to the right server without configuring this.
Skip the server configuration part and instead press connect, once you’ve been connected to whichever server you can type: /s irc.newnet.net

It will then try to connect you to right server, once you are connected to the right server join the following channel by typing: /join #unleashedfear
More instructions on IRC will be posted later on, you can also find more instructions inside the game on the IRC page!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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