Countdown – 50 more hours!

Unleashed Fear will release its first v2 public test version in about 50 hours (countdown). Everybody will be able to sign up and see the new game.

In previous posts we’ve already highlighted the major new features, besides these features there are also upgrades on features that were already in the game.
Once the game is open and you’ve registered your account it is advised to read the latest news post as it contains all the information of the new version and all the changes. (Game opens when the countdown ends)

It is also advised to read the Manual, not every part of the manual is finished yet however crucial systems and information will be explained there.
Several features are still under construction and will be added during this or the next test version, remember that this is still a test version, bugs might appear and unbalanced actions might happen.

We would like you to share your feedback on the new version on our forums, we’ve created feedback threads on the ideas forum to discuss new features, balance and the new design, feedback is important so we can know what needs to be improved. If you have any suggestions then posts in these threads.

You can always submit ideas to Unleashed Fear on the Ideas forums as well, these ideas will be reviewed by the staff, Make sure when you submit an idea to write as much information as possible, ideas with hardly any information will most likely be refused whilst it might be a good idea if you had worked it out.

We hope you will enjoy the new version and we hope to see you in about 50 hours when the countdown ends!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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