24 Hours till the release! (Online mafia game)

Only 24 hours are remaining on the clock until Unleashed Fear will launch it’s first public v2 test version.
The game is being made ready for the release, Will you be the next ruler of the new dark world in this online mafia game?


Once the countdown hits zero the game will be open, you will have to refresh the page in order to register an account to this mafia game.
Upon registering an account you will receive an e-mail to activate your account, so make sure you submit a valid e-mail address.

Character creation
Once you’ve registered and logged in for the first time you will be creating your first character.
You will have to select a name for your character, a city you want to start in and a small bonus boost for whichever stats you want your character to focus on.

After you finished your character you will start playing the game, committing crimes, stealing cars, dealing drugs and trading stocks.
Once you start ranking up you will unlock new features, you will be committing harder crimes, steal nicer cars, deal different  drugs and trade more expensive stocks.

You will also start committing missions, these missions will start out easy, giving you an introduction to the new game.
The more missions you’ve completed the harder they will become.

At some point families will be made and you will have to choose to either join or start one to continue on your path to becoming the next godfather.

Things to take into consideration during this version
This is a test version, this version will last between 3 to 4 weeks, there might still be some bugs / flaws / balance issues and other issues that might arise, once you discover one of these issues report them to the Admins.
We’re also collecting feedback on the new design, the new features and the mobile version. You can submit your feedback on the ideas forums in the specified threads.
Feedback is important for us so we know what we have to improve and what is important to you. (Players)

We will also be adding new features and balance changes during this version, Unleashed Fear won’t stop developing, more features and upgrades on existing features will be made once their ready to be added.
We hope to see you tomorrow, and we hope you’ll like all the latest changes!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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