Family wars – introduction

Family wars is one of the main key elements in the new version of Unleashed Fear.
Families will no longer be able to randomly start shooting at each other but instead they will have to declare wars.

But what does it take for a war to take place? and what if it doesn’t take place? and what do we do when a war starts?
In this blog item you will read everything about this feature, what it currently does and what the future holds.
Continue reading to find out more about this new feature.

Introduction to Family wars

Families will be able to declare wars on other families. Only the leader of a family can declare wars however members with the relationships rights can decline or accept a war from the opponent side.
Wars will be fought 1 on 1, meaning only the family that declared and the family that was declared upon will fight during this war. (This will change later on when you can involve allies and such)

Once war has been declared upon another family they will have 24 hours time to decide if their going to either decline or accept the war.
If they want to decline the war they will have to pay a certain fee based on their family level and their headquarters size. (Fee might still be increased if needed)
If they accept the war, the war will start in 24 hours from the moment they pressed the accept button.
If they forget to either accept or decline the war before the 24 hours period passes the war will automatically accepted and will start right away.


What is the fee to decline a war?

As of right now the fee is $10.000.000 multiplied by your family level, plus the size of your headquarters.
For example: your family is level 3 and you have a small sized headquarters you will have to pay a total of $30.000.000 + $7.000.000 to decline the war.
If you have successfully declined the war you won’t be able to either declare war or get declared upon for the next 24 hours.


What if we accept the war?

Upon accepting the war you have some time to get prepared. This period lasts 24 hours and a war will start after that.
Once the war has started all members involved will see a screen reminding them of the current ongoing war, the war scores and the remaining time till the war ends.
The war will last 24 hours, and who ever scores the most war points, or manages to eliminate the entire opposite family wins the war.


How do we score war points?

By killing members of the enemy family you will score war points based on their ranks. Who ever scores the most points wins the war.


What happens after the war?

Once a war has ended the results will be displayed on the family wars history page.
If you manage to win the war against your opponents you will receive all the money they hold on their family bank, and if you lose it will happen visa-versa.
If the war ends in a draw nothing will happen as nobody won the war.


Are there any restrictions during the war?

There are several restrictions during the war and also during the preparing time of a war.
Families won’t be able to recruit new members into the family and they won’t be able to withdraw any money from their family banks.
Members won’t be able to leave a family or get dropped by their family.
The leader of the family won’t be able to reduce their Headquarter size or do anything else family related until the war has either been accepted/declined.


What else do I need to know?

Nobody is save during a family war, you can be shot at whilst you are offline!
You receive a 10% extra defense boost for being in your born city or in your family home city.
You will also receive a 10% defense boost if you are offline, however it is advised to be online during family wars to defend your families honor, if nobody of your family is online then who will be the one saving you from defeat?!
If you shoot at an enemy that is lower then you in rank you might lose some stats as a result, unless it is labeled as a retaliation shot, a retaliation shot won’t lower your stats no matter how low you shoot.
A shot will be labeled a retaliation shot once Someone has shot at you, and you shoot back at the same person within 12 hours!
When looking at the users in city list you will see red background when an enemy is in your city and green background for your own family members.


The future of family wars

As mentioned above, the family wars system is a new system, it is currently being tested and balanced. Once it has been fully tested and rebalanced we will continue working on improving the family wars system.
Several new features and options will be added to the wars system in the future such as; Involving allies to join the war, placing bets on ongoing wars, family war tournaments, rewards for winning wars, achievements for fighting wars, family wars hall of fame and much, much more!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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