The future of family wars

Family wars is a new feature that has been added in Unleashed Fear, in our previous blog article we’ve explained some of the rules about this feature.
However family wars are far from being completed, the current family wars feature you see is maybe about 5% to 10% of what the family wars feature will look like once its fully ready.


The family wars feature has to be fully tested and balanced before we can continue expanding the feature, the plans is to upgrade the family wars feature every version.
Changes to the family wars feature will be made, these changes can vary between upgrades on the feature itself, upgrade with new additional features related to family wars, or changes in rules/times/restrictions and such.

The family wars feature was added to Unleashed Fear to promote family play, and making families the most important thing in this online mafia game, the game should revolve all around family, protecting it and taking out other families.
Before this feature was added families hardly meant anything, wars were totally random and most of the time completely without any reason behind it. There was not much skill nor tactic involved and we hope to change this by adding the family wars feature.

So what can you expect in the future? What kind of upgrades will be made on the family wars feature? Continue reading and you can find a list of ideas we have to improve the family wars feature.
Remember these are only the ideas we’re currently having, changes and other ideas might still be added later on.


Involving alliances in family wars.
Families are able to create alliance, currently these alliances are pretty meaningless in the game, as you cannot help an alliance during wars.
This will all change, in the coming versions we will add the options that allows allies to join in on wars, they will be able to choose to help their allies fight off wars, this could lead to large scale wars and will also help out smaller families when they face a big family during wars.
Alliances will bring a whole new layer of tactic to the table, as the smallest family might not be the weakest family due to the alliances they might have.


Family war tournaments.
Families will be able to sign up for tournaments, participating in these tournaments could/will lead to some unique rewards that can only be obtained via these tournaments.
These tournaments can different tournaments all the time for example; Deathmatch tournament, one vs one family who ever wins passes on the next round, or a Team deathmatch tournament, where a team of 3 families can fight another team of 3 families, or a free-for-all tournament, where every family that participates can shoot at any other family that participates and the one with the biggest score wins.


City wars.
Considering families are now able to control a city and earn 1% of the cities income there will also be a feature where families can fight over a city.
If a family controls a city and another family wants to take over the city they will have to win a war against this family.


Declining wars and fees.
Currently declining a war costs $10.000.000 per family level and a small amount for your family headquarters, these fees are still optional to change, at the end of each version we will evaluate the fees and the amount of rejections when it comes to wars and make appropriate changes until we find the perfect balance regarding fees. Families are suppose to war every now and then, they are not suppose to be able to decline each and every war till the end of the game hence why changes will be made to balance the fees of this feature accordingly.


Timers of war states.
Just like with fees and declining wars the timers related to the state of wars might still change, currently every state (Pending, Preparing and WARTIME) has a timer of 24 hours, these times are being tested currently.
These times might not be completely balanced yet therefor they might still be changed in other versions of the game, some timers might see an increase while other timers might see a decrease.


Surrender and Ceasefire option.
A war doesn’t always have to end till the last seconds, eventually there will be a surrender and ceasefire option, families that surrender will lose their family and the winner of the war will receive all the money on their family bank.
However if a war is being fought and neither side wants to surrender but both sides so no reason to continue the war anymore they can offer each other a ceasefire, the war will end in a draw, both families will stay in tact and nobody will receive any rewards for the wars.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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