V2.001 statistics overview

In the game you will be able to find a page with all sorts of statistics related to the ongoing version.
You can find this page by going to the Statistics menu and click on the Current version statistics.


For those who do not have an account there is always the Guest account which allows you access to the game and preview the game before signing up.
You can visit the current version statistics page by going to the following link: Guest Account Current version statistics.


V2.001 started on the 21st of December, this means that this version has started 18 days ago.
During these 18 days we’ve accumulated the following stats:


Total crime attempts: 800.000
Total gta attempts: 125.000
Total completed missions: 4.500
Total kill attempts: 435
Total murdered gangsters: 115
Total suicidal gangsters: 65
Total pickpocket attempts: 25.500
Total jailbust attempts: 30.000
Total events collected: 80.000
Total messages sent: 100.000
Total shouts on the shoutbox: 5.000
Total forum posts made: 1.400
Total votes on polls: 330
Total characters created: 600
Total rank ups gained: 9.500
Total travels to different cities: 12.500
Total pages displayed: 4.500.000
Total changes made since the beginning of the version: 145
Total amount of bugs that have been fixed this version: 50
Total amount of design related fixes this version: 40
Total amount of suggestions made by players that have been added: 25


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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