Changelog of v2.001 (changes)

During v2.001 there have been lots of changes to the game, and a lot more changes are coming.
In this post you will be able to get an overview of all the changes that have been made so far during this version.

This is the first test version of the new Unleashed Fear, a lot of new features have been added and need to balanced, a lot of upgrades have already been made and more are soon to come.
There are also several changes that will be made next version as it wouldn’t be fair to make these changes in the middle of a version, below is an overview what has been changed during this version already.

New features that have been added

Family forums – Family members with forums rights can now edit/delete threads and posts that have been posted on their family forums.
Character statistics – Several new statistics have been bound to characters, these statistics will be used in the version stats once a version has ended.
Family statistics – Several new statistics have been added related to families, these statistics will be used in the version stats at the end of a version.
Version statistics – A lot more statistics have been added to the game, you’re able to view these statistics on the current version statistics page.
Buddy/enemy events – You will now receive events if a buddy or enemy of yours gets murdered, you will also receive an event if they terminated their account or lost a duel.
Gem market – You;re now able to sell your gems via the ingame markets systems, you can sell a minimum of 25 gems for whichever price you want, you can also choose to sell these gems Anonymously for a small fee.
Gift gems – You’re now able to gift gems to friends, there is no fee involved upon gifting gems to your friends.


Upgrades on existing features

Invite a friend – You now gain extra rewards for inviting friends by using your referral link. (You gain some gems if they achieve certain ranks)
Last killed – The last killed link will now turn bold incase a gangster has been murdered since your last visit.
Family wars – Families that want to decline a war will now have to pay an extra fee related to their members and ranks.
Hotkeys – Several hotkeys have been added to the game, these hotkeys can be found in the manual.
Family leave/drop – If you get dropped or leave a family you will now also be kicked out of any remaining mass messages related to this family.
Confirmation boxes – Confirmation boxes has been added to a lot of pages to make sure if you want commit a certain action.
Withdraw and Deposit all buttons – These buttons allow you to instantly deposit or withdraw all your funds.
Favorite GTA – Has had an overhaul and redesign to make it work fluently in every browser.
Mobile ASC – Upon receiving an anti-script-check on mobile devices it will now automatically bring up the numbers keyboard.


A list of new features and expected changes will be postled once we have announced a reset, we currently have no plans or estimated date for the reset.
There are also a lot of bug fixes and balance changes that have happened which will be mentioned in a separate post, or if you want to view all the changes now you can simply go to the changelog page.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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