Hotkeys can make gaming a lot easier

On web-based games hotkeys can really make the difference to make gaming easier and faster.
Unleashed Fear makes full use of these hotkeys, by simply pressing a key you can go to the page you want.
Everybody that knows about hotkeys on Unleashed Fear pretty much uses them, these hotkeys only work when playing from a desktop/laptop. It will not work for tablets and other mobile devices.
Hotkeys make playing the game a lot easier and faster as well, you simply have to press on a certain key on your keyboard and the game will take you to the relevant page.

The most used pages in the game all have hotkeys assigned to them, once you know all the hotkeys you will notice you can get stuff done a lot faster and more efficiently.
You can find more information regarding hotkeys on our Manual -> Hotkeys page, there is also a list of all the active hotkeys currently in the game.  (Or you can visit the page here)


The following hotkeys have been added to the game so far

A / a -> Achievements page (Currently disabled)
B / b -> Bank page
C / c -> Crimes page
D / d -> Trading drugs page
E / e -> Events page
F / f -> Buddies & Enemies page
G / g -> Grand theft auto page
H / h -> Manual overview page
I / i -> Users in city page
J / j -> Users in jail page
K / k -> Kill page
L / l -> Lottery page
M / m -> Mailbox page
N / n -> News page
P /p -> Edit profile page
S / s ->  Stocks market page
T / t -> Travel page
W / w -> Current family wars page
X / x -> Shoutbox page
Z / z -> Missions page


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