Random updates (Milestones)

Unleashed Fear’s Facebook page has reached the 25.000 likes!
We’ve also reached some new statistics achievements in the current version!


By growing on social media we will be able to spread the word of the game easier, your able to invite your friends on our Facebook page to help us grow and get more players in!
You can also retweet messages that we post on our Twitter account.

Our Facebook page has reached the 25.000 likes and our Twitter account has over 60.000 followers, there are also several new ingame milestones that we’ve reached!
During v2.001 new milestones have been reached, over 1.000.000 crimes have been committed and over 150.000 car’s have been stolen.
To view all of the current version statistics login to the guest account to view them all.

We will soon update the blog with information about the new version, there will be several new features and multiple changes to current features.
There will also be a lot of balance changes to improve the gameplay for each and everyone

So stay tuned for more information!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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