Understanding the manual

As Unleashed Fear develops into a new game with new features and major changes it’s important to understand all these changes and new features.
This article will explain to you how the manual works, how you can use it to your advantage and why the manual is important and can be important to you.


First things first the manual isn’t complete yet several parts of the manual are still missing.
This is due to features that are constantly changing to find the correct balance, once the balance for these features has been found their related help posts on the manual will be added.

The manual is split up in categories, each category contains information revolving around certain features and or systems. There are also some introduction manuals which will help you understand the game more in-case you are a new player.

It is advised to follow the introduction manuals first, they allow you to get familiar with the game, it gives basic understanding of what’s important and what you have to look out for.
There are also several advanced introductions, these introductions give more details and explanation on features in general.

After you finished reading the introductions you can read about every feature individually.
Every manual section contains a small introduction, after the introduction the feature or system will be explained in more details.
The details you can find on the manual pages might not contain all the information about every feature.
Some information is meant to be hidden from players to make the game more fun and interesting.
Certain features like the crime system, the GTA system, the kill system, the pickpocket system and such have hidden calculations behind the scene, these calculations will not be described as it would take away the fun of the game.

The manual will contain as much information as possible and is a constant work in progress, every versions changes will be made which will require updating the manual.
The manual also contains general rules, guidelines and other important stuff which players should read/know.

Every version everybody is advised to read the manual.
Rules and guidelines might be updated as new features get added and other features get changed.
If the manual receives an update we will post this on the news and changelog section.
Since the manual is far from done we will be updating this on a regular basis.

You can find the manual by logging in to our guest account and going to the manual section, you can also press the H hotkey to go to the general manual overview page.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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