Character profiles

Every character on Unleashed Fear has it’s own unique profile. Profiles contain information, pictures and statistics related to this Character.


There are 3 different kinds of profiles and every kind of profile has it’s own design, it’s own features, and it’s own style.
Current profiles sizes are; small, gold and VIP. Everybody starts out with a small profile and has the option to purchase a gold or VIP upgrade.
These upgrades can be purchased in the gem store, and gems can be obtained either buy buying them on the buy gems page or by buying them off the gem market.


When you upgrade to a gold or VIP status you will be able to customize your profile even more by hiding or un-hiding certain statistics.
Small profiles do not have the option to hide or un-hide information, small profiles also has smaller images.
The gold and VIP upgrades last for 1, 7 or 30 days. You can choose how long you want this upgrade to last when you make your purchase in the gem store.
In case your character gets murdered you will have the option to return  with a parent account, this parent account will have the same remaining time left on your upgrades as your previous character has the moment it got murdered.


Small upgrade has images sized; 150 x 200 pixels and small family images sized; 150 x 75 pixels.
Gold upgrade has images sized; 500 x 200 pixels and big family images sized; 200 x 100 pixels.
Vip upgrade has images sized; 100 x 500 pixels and big family images sized; 200 x 100 pixels.


VIP profiles include gold profiles, this will allow you to change your profile status at any given time via the character settings page.
If you prefer a bigger widthed image you can switch from VIP to a gold profile, or if you prefer a bigger height picture you can leave it on VIP.
VIP profiles also have an unique VIP emblem on their profiles, and they can choose to display their total earnings in the form of a chart pie.
VIP profiles can also view which players have last checked out their profile and when.


Every profile contains several statistics related to the character, statistics such as; Total amount of messages. forum threads, forum posts, shouts on the shoutbox, kill, survived shots, completed missions, jailbusts, busted and profile views.
Every profile also contains other information about this character such as; What is their gender, when did they sign up, when were they last active, who’s their spouse and which city they were born in.


Signatures are the same for every profile, characters can edit their signature and add anything they want to it, they can choose to also ‘pimp’ their profiles by using BB-Code, information related to the BB-code can be found in the manual, there will also soon be an article on the blog related to BB-code, BB-code is also used in messages and on the forums.


If a character has joined a family this information will also be displayed in their profile, a small overview of this family can be found and characters can also apply to get a ‘family rank’.
This family rank will also be displayed on their profiles, family ranks may be requested with your leader or you will get assigned one by your leader.


A character’s profile can tell a lot about the player behind the character, most players will update their profiles accordingly.
Some players might choose not to update it, or maybe they will do so later on, there are also players who tend to play undercover.
Players that play undercover often change their profile once they decide to reveal their true identity.


For more information related to this subject you can read our manual .
You can also check out information about how to use BB-code and which kind of BB-code is available.
You can also check out characters profiles via the online list or other features.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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