This version & The next version

Unleashed Fear keeps developing to become the most unique online mafia game out there.
One version will come to an end and a new version will be started with more changes, updates, new features and more rebalanced features.


This version
We’ve evaluated this version and made are now in the process of compiling a list of changes/updates that will be made for the next version.
This version had several bugs that required fixing and some bugs that can only be fixed during the next version.
There we’re also some unbalanced features that will be re-balanced in the next version.

Next version
Once we’ve finished compiling our list of changes we will release this on our blog.
We’ve already started working on new features and changes to improve the game.
Some major changes require the game to be in ‘maintenance’ mode and we’ve decided to make these changes when the game is down for a reset so we don’t have to bother you during this version with it.

We haven’t set any date on the reset yet.
Once we’ve set a date and time we will post this on the news and on our blog.
As always once when we announce a reset we will also announce the dates of the Armageddon and the new Free-For-All days.
Before the actual reset there will be a a day of Armageddon, everybody will be revived and there will be a free-to-kill system, you will no longer have to be in a family war to be able to kill other players, characters stats will be changed slightly to make Armageddon more interesting.
Before Armageddon we will hold a free-to-kill day, every remaining alive player will be able to shoot others without the restriction of a family war, characters stats won’t be changed during this day unlike Armageddon.

Other updates
The gems sale will continue in the next version as well, as the next version will still be a test version due to all the changes that we’re going to make.
There will also be several events where players will be able to win prizes such as; Gems, items and ingame money.
Everybody will be able to participate in these events and they will be announced when they are ready.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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