Duels and the future

One of the new features of the new Unleashed Fear is Duels.
Players will be able to duel each other to fight a fair fight without interruptions.


The current duel system

Currently there are two ways to fight out duels, either the attacker shoots first or the defender shoots first.
Both shots will be made on the exact same time however if for example the attacker shoots first and manages to hit the defender then obviously the defender loses and will not be able to shoot back.

The Duel system is a fully automated system, if both sides agree to a duel then there is no turning back anymore.
The duel will take place within the next 5 minutes, and both shots will be made once the countdown has finished.

The current duel system works like the regular kill system, it looks at both the stats of both characters and their equipped items.
The only difference between the kill system and the duel system is that there is no home city or born city bonus defense nor is there any stats loss from shooting down since both sides agreed to the duel.


The future of the duel system

We’re currently in the process of working out some ideas on possible future features that can be added to the duel system.
These ideas will make the duel system more interesting, more diverse and more fair. This will allow players to fight duels in the way they want to.

Some of the ideas we’re having are;

– Both players shoot at the exact same time, meaning both players can die.
– Item less duels, so players can have fair duels without items being calculated.
– Duel tournaments, eventually there will be tournaments that players can sign up for to win unique prizes.
– Duel arena, There will be an arena where players can sign up, their duels will be registered and anyone will be able to accept these duels.
– Duels hall of fame, a page where the top duelers will be listed.
– Duels history, a page with an overview of all the duels that have happened and the winners.
– Duels statistics, more statistics will be added in general also when it comes to top 10’s at the end of a version.


Some of the above features are currently just ideas and some features are already working on.
Want to know more about the duel system or participate? Sign up for Unleashed Fear or check out the online mafia game with our guest account.


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