Changes you can expect the next version!

The first test version of Unleashed Fear is well underway, and after 30 days we’ve come up with a list of changes we’re going to make for the next version.
Most of the changes are balance changes that will address the problems some of the new features introduced. Since they have now been tested in a live environment, we feel we know how to make the proper adjustments they need.


On December the 21st a new version of Unleashed Fear has started, in this version there were over 1000 changes compared to the last version, several game changing features were introduced to the game.
Most of these new features aren’t fully balanced yet and might have contained bugs, hence why the first version turned out to be a test version, all the bugs in these features had to be fixed during this version before we can improve these new features to the next level, making them more balanced will make the features more fun for everyone.


New features such as; The new items system, the new missions system, the new family wars system, the new pickpocket system and the new duel system have been added.
Some of these features are either not yet entirely completed or turned out unsatisfactory, we’re doing our best to get rid of all the problems we’re aware of before the next version starts.
Additionally, there will be several changes to older, existing features that should make them more interesting to use.


New features will be added as well, new features could be entirely new features or upgrades on existing features, we’ve prepared a list that you can find on the bottom of this blog post with all the changes we have planned.
We feel that with all these new changes and balance corrections the game will be more fun to play, more fair towards everyone and improve the game in general.


We’ve been observing the entire test version to see which features need improvement, which features need to be upgraded and which features need to be rebalanced.
We’ve also collected feedback from players either via messages or by posts on the forums. We’ve evaluated all the suggestions that have been made.


Below you can find the list of all new features / changes / balance changes / bug fixes that we’re planning on making, remember that maybe not everything will be added at the start of the version but will be added during the version and some might be added after the version. (The version after the next one that is)


List of expected changes

-> Family wars – alliances will be able to join in on family wars.
-> City wars – Families will now be able to fight wars over cities.
-> Family wars enemy page, displaying all your enemies together with their ranks, and if they’re online or not.
-> Decrease on the timers of pending/preparing war states.
-> No-more one-man families will be able to sustain without actively becoming a family.
-> Jail busting will be made more interesting with adding money.
-> There will be a lot more items in the weapons, armors, disguises shop and they will be spread out evenly across ranks.
-> Duel kill will gain the ‘both shoot at the same time’ option so players can fight out duels in an even more fair way than before.
-> The crime system will be completely overhauled, the general system for players will still be the same but the background systems will be improved.
-> You will now be able to join families during orange safety.
-> There will be more missions for you to complete.
-> All crimes / gta’s / drugs / stocks stats and prices will be reset. (As always)
-> The begin bonus of characters will be changed from a starting bonus to an overall mafia life bonus.
-> You will now be able to select someone to inherit your family for a certain fee as long as they are rank 26 and higher.
-> Separate enemy/ignore buttons to prevent confusion.
-> More manual pages will be added so players can gain knowledge of the game.
-> Stats on items will be rebalanced in accordance with the new crime system.
-> New users in city system, which will allow you to ‘cloak’ yourself from the in city list.
-> New family disband system which allows you to disband properly.
-> New family start system which makes starting a family more interesting.
-> Families will now be able to post a message on the recruitment boards to recruit new members.
-> Families will now be able to hold polls for family members to vote on.
-> More “top gangsters” lists related to the online list icons you can gain.
-> Several events will be held throughout the version, in this events you can win gems and other prizes!
-> A hall of fame of family wars will be added.
-> A hall of fame of duels will be added.
-> Duels arena will be added for those who want to duel.
-> More character and family related statistics will be added.
-> Gambling statistics will be added.
-> Ranks will be slightly modified.


General balance changes

-> Items will be rebalanced completely. (Unlock speed, stats given etc.)
-> Crimes system will be rebalanced to match the items system. (Stats, difficulty, cooldown times)
-> Stocks income and drugs income will be slightly rebalanced. (Less stocks income / more drugs income)
-> Family war fees and timers will be rebalanced to make the game more interesting.
-> General ranking system will be slightly rebalanced.
-> Rebalance of the pickpocket system. (Success rate, cooldown timers)


Bug fixes

-> Players will no longer be able to start a one-man family an decline every war.
-> Duels will now be completely bug free, players will lose safeties during duels, will receive def shots + kill counters and will collect rewards from the wanted boards.
-> Family war points and character family war points will now be accurately recorded.
-> You will now be divorced if your spouse gets murdered or decided to suicide.
-> You will now collect wanted board rewards during duels if your opponent is listed.
-> You will no longer be able to send a duel request to someone involved in a family war.



Several events will be held during the next version, these events will allow you to win unique prizes.
Everybody will be able to join these events, more information about these events will be posted on the news and our blog once the events are added to the game.


For more new regarding the Online Mafia Game Unleashed Fear.
Or visit our changelog to check out this versions changes!


** Note: All the above changes are optional to change if we see there is a need for them to change.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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