Changes for the next version

Unleashed Fear will soon start a new version, in this new version we will adding new features, change existing features and start working on features that will be added later on continue reading to find out all about the upcoming changes.

New features

Itemless duel system
You will now be able to fight duels without items being taking into consideration, these duels will be fought with character stats only.

Alliance fees
When two families want to become allies they will have to pay a certain fee dependable on their families strength
Alliance also require a fee once every 24 hours to be paid the price will once again be based on the strength of the involved families.

War fees
If you want to refuse a war that has been declared on your family you have to pay a certain fee, this system will receive yet another update.
Every family will now have a war fee multiplier, this multiplier will increase if you decline wars, once the multiplier rises you will start to be paying more money in order to declare wars.

Reputation system
There will be a hidden reputation system. This reputation system will determine if you’re allowed to post on the shoutbox or on the forums.
Players will be able to give and take away reputation from other players, obviously there are certain rules and restrictions in place so the system can’t be abused.

Daily tasks
Every character will receive a ‘daily tasks’ list, this list contains tasks you can complete to gain rewards, this list will be ‘refreshed/reset’ every 24 hours.
By completing tasks on the list you will gain points, the more tasks you complete the more points you will have and the bigger your rewards will be.

Daily rewards
At the end of every day (23:59/00:00) ingame time daily rewards will be given to the top 10 gta earners, top 10 jailbusters, top 10 crimers, top 10 gta’s, top 10 traders and top 10 stockers.
Rewards will vary per position/category and will instantly be added to your account at 23:59/00:00 ingame time.

Character titles
You will now be able to unlock titles that you can display on your profile. These titles have certain requirements before your able to use them.
There will be a list of titles you can obtain with their respective requirements in order to unlock them, once you have met the requirements you can obtain the title and start using it on your profile.


Future features

Merchant shop
Merchant shop is a new kind of shop, this shop will contain 6 random items, you will be able to buy items in this shop at a 10% discount compared to other shops. (Weapons, Armors, Disguises)
Every 4 hours this merchant shop will reset and contain 6 different random items, this merchant shop is account based and rank based, meaning that you will only see items that you’ve unlocked, and shops contain different items from character to character.
You might also be able to ‘refresh’ the list of items in the shop for gems in case you really need items but the items on the list aren’t according to your satisfaction.

Multiplayer poker
Pretty much speaks for itself, sadly we had to delay this feature for the time being as there was a crucial bug in the system which as this point cannot be resolved.

Looting materials
You will eventually be able to loot materials from several features, these materials will be used in order to craft items.

Crafting items
You will be able to learn crafting skills and be able to use the materials you’ve gathered in order to craft items.

Items / Event markets
Once the crafting system is done we will consider adding an items market, you will also be able to sell events you’ve obtained related to murdered characters on the events market.

Family crimes
Family members will be able to commit crimes together with other family members, a family crime right will be added to the game, character that have been granted this right will be able to start a family crime group.
All other members will be able to join this group and commit a crime, more details about this will be released once we start actively working on this feature.

Family buildings
Families that control a city will be able to construct buildings in their city, these buildings will give everybody that is playing in this city certain benefits.
By leveling up your family and other family related skills you will be able to unlock new buildings to construct, more details about this will be released once we start actively working on this feature.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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