Upcoming reset and changes

The second test version of the new Unleashed Fear is coming to an end.
During these test versions we’ve been testing out new systems, upgrades on existing features and we’re monitoring the game for balance, flaws and bugs, we’ve also applied loads of changes.


During this test version the new items system had an upgrade, alliances could now join wars, wars and duels are now fully recorded, you could marry other players and there was a new family starting system.
Unfortunately there were several bugs in the war system due to the alliance upgrade and the changes made in the cooldown time system.

As mentioned we’ve monitored the entire version and have finish compiling required changes and changes we deem necessary to further improve the game.
The compiled list can be found at the next blog post. (Note; not all of these changes might be fully ready for the next version but might be added during the version or at a later stage.)
We’ve also compiled a list of “future features” – these features are on our to-do list but currently have no estimated release date nor might their relative information be fully finished yet.

A reset will take place soon, of course we will start a free-for-all session, a free-for-all unlimited session and an Armageddon session.
We have yet to decide a date for these events due to busy schedules we haven’t been able to find a fitting date yet, however it will be soon.
We will also be hosting an IRC Questions & Answers sessions soon, we expect this Questions & Answer session to take place the day before or/and the day after the reset.
We expect to be able to publish the dates of the reset & other events in the next 3 days.


Continue reading the next blog post to find out the upcoming changes for next version.
Or read the full news post on the game itself by going to our news page


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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