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The time has come to bring this version to an end and start a new version shortly after.
As usual we will hold some special events before this version completely ends, we’ve added another special event on-top of the already existing events that normally take place.

The statistics of this version will be saved on the 20th of April at 18:00 ingame time.
The free-for-all will start on the 20th of April at 19:00 ingame time.
The free-for-all unlimited will start on the 21st of April at 19:00 ingame time.
Armageddon will start on the 22nd of April at 19:00 ingame time.
The game will be taken offline for development on the 23rd of April at 19:00 ingame time.
The Questions & Answers session will be held on IRC on the 23rd of April at 21:00 ingame time.
The new version will officially start on the 24th of April at 19:00 ingame time.
Another Questions & Answers session will be held on IRC on the 25th of April at 11:00 ingame time.

Once the statistics have been saved your progress will no longer be taken into account for this versions top 10’s and top 1000.

During the free-for-all, all current alive accounts will be removed from their families and won’t be able to start a new one.
Everybody will be able to shoot at each other with the normal kill system as it has been the entire version, nobodies stats or items will be changed.

Free-for-all Unlimited
During the free-for-all unlimited, all accounts will be revived.
Everybody once again will be without a family nor are they able to start one, no stats or items will be changed and the kill system will still function as normally.

During the Armageddon every account will once again be revived, once all accounts have been revived they will be given a big amount of money, every account will also receive bonus offense and stealth, defense of every character will be slightly reduced.
Everybody will once again be starting without a family nor will anyone be able to start one, the kill system will be more offense favoured and will contain more randomness.

New version
In order to prepare for a new version the game will be offline for roughly 24 hours. At this point we expect no further down-time or delays, if for any reason this changes we will try to notify you via our IRC Channel, Facebook Pages our Blog and the official homepage.
The new version is planned to start on the 24th of April, during this new version more changes will be made to improve the game and all its components, we will be adding more features, apply changes to current features and further improve the balance of the game.
On our blog you will be able to find more news regarding the upcoming changes, and changes you can expect to come to Unleashed Fear in the near future.

We hope you had a fun version and we hope to see you during the next version also!
Thank you for your support and enjoy the upcoming events and the end of this version!


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Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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