New features and changes in v2.003

Unleashed Fear v2 started out with complete make-over of the previous versions.

During the first few version of Unleashed Fear we had basic systems to make the groundwork for a working game.
We also balanced out these basic features and started developing expansions to these system, these new systems were introduced during v2.

Among these new systems are; The new items and inventory system, the family wars and relationships system and the missions system.
We’ve also added other new features to the game, changed the design and introduced new balance to the game.


Currently we’re still in the testing stages of Unleashed Fear v2, we’re still finding the correct balance on some features and are looking into expanding current features.
After every test versions we compile a list of changes that we deem necesarry to further improve the game with more features and better balance.

The list of changes you can expect in the next version (v2.003) has already been released, continue reading this article to find out more about these new features/changes and to discover our reasonings behind these features/changes.


Daily points
With the daily points system you will be able to get extra rewards for completing tasks on a daily base.
Almost every feature in the game will allow you to score a certain amount of points.
Once you’ve reached a certai namount of points you will be able to claim certain rewards.
This feature will reset every day at 00:00 ingame time.

Reason behind the change.
To reward everybody that plays Unleashed Fear on a daily base, and to also reward those that make use of all the features the game has to offer.


Daily rewards
Every day at 00:00 daily rewards will be sent to the top earners in each category.
Rewards might vary from category to category and will vary from position to position on the top list.

Reason behind this change.
To create more competition between earners and certain features that allow you to earn money.


Family war fees.
The family wars fee will once again be re-adjusted. We will be adding a war multiplier to the current war fees system.
This multiplier will make the costs of declining wars rise significantly, the more wars you decline the higher your war fee multiplier will go.

Reason behind the change.
We feel that too many wars are too easily declined by the same families, to make the costs rise to decline wars for such families we choose to add a family based war fee multiplier.


Family alliances fees.
Families will now have to pay a certain fee in order to become allies with other families.
This fee will depend on the strength of each family and both families will have to pay this fee in order to reach an greement on their alliance.

Reason behind the change.
Alliances could easily be formed and cancelled whenever. This was a little to easy and there was no draw-back or downfall to making bad decisions, now leaders will have to decide who they become allies with.


Items upgrading system.
This was already suppose to be added during the current version however due to the amount of bugs in the beginning of the version we weren’t able to finish this feature up in time.
Once you pocess items you will be able to upgrade them to a higher grade, this will allow you to save a big deal of money instead of buying new items every time you rank up.
Currently our system has 7 grades per item, this will not be changed during this version, the grades of an item are defined by the color and rareness of the item.
If you pocess a grade 1 till 6 item you will be able to upgrade this item, if you pocess a grade 7 item you will be able to sell this item for a certain amount.
For example: Grade 1 Weapon 1 costs $500.000 to purchase from the shop, Grade 2 Weapon 1 costs $1.000.000 to purchase from a shop, if you want to upgrade this Grade 1 Weapon 1 to Grade 2 weapon 1 you will have to pay the difference in price.
Since a new weapon would cost $1.000.000 and you already posess the $500.000 weapon you will only have to pay $500.000 to upgrade your item. If you posess a grade 7 weapon you will be able to sell it for 25% of its shop value.

Reason behind this change.
The current items system is way to expensive, with this new system upgrading an item will save you loads of money and therefor make the items system more affordable.


Reputation system.
The reputation system will be added to the shoutbox at first and will later on be added to the forums.
Players will be able to give or take reputation from other players, all reputation ‘transactions’ will be hidden, so you will not be able to see who gave reputation to who or who took your reputation down.
If you reach below a certain amount of reputation you will now longer be able to place shouts on the shoutbox or post on the forums, your old posts will also become hidden from the public.

Reason behind this change.
To give players themselves a bit more control over public communication channels, this way we can also keep track of what is acceptable to the players and what isn’t.
This will also help us do our job faster and more efficiently which will lead to more time for development and other obligations that require our attention.


Titles system.
You will now be able to grab titles as you progress in your gangster career.
By reaching certain achievements you will be able to claim certain titles, all titles have specific requirements.
These titles can be used to display on your profile, these titles may also be added on several other places on the game to display your achievements.
Titles also have level’s, these level’s are defined by stars, the more stars a title has to bigger the achievement.

Reason behind this change.
Allowing players to customize their titles/achievements further, and allowing them to ‘show off’ these achievements.
This should also give you more things to do or more reason to focus on certain features to unlock certain titles.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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