Changes for V2.004

The time has come to once again reset Unleashed Fear and add more changes to the game.
These changes are crucial to continue development on the game and to improve functionality of existing features.

Most of the changes will be made on the background of the game, changes that will allow us to continue working on new systems like the NPC system.
There will also be balance changes as usual to improve the balance of the game. Together with flaw corrections, new features, bug fixes, and the regular changes. (Crimes, gta’s, trades, stocks)

The family wars system will be tweaked on several level’s to improve the functionality of the system and to create new strategies for families to use during wars.

Continue reading down below for a quick and small summation of all he changes you can expect for the new version.



– > City stealthing will be re-adjusted.
– > Family members/leader part of a family with less then 5 members (Leader + 4) will no longer be able to declare wars, form alliances or continue ranking.
– > Items stats will be reduced by 5%.
– > Costs of items will be reduced by 5%.
– > Family headquarter sizes will be reduced and mortgage will be increased.
– > New family level system.
– > New family donations system.
– > Manual will be updated with latest information.
– > Vouchers will be added to the game.
– > General bug fixes.
– > Jailbusting will be harder.
– > Home city defense boost will be changed.
– > Offline defense boost will be changed.
– > Offense boost for wars will be added.
– > New announcements will be added.
– > Vehicle costs / fuel costs will be changes.
– > Taxes regarding family bank transfers will be increased.

And much more! Don’t forget to check out the in-game news to find out when the reset is taking place!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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