NPC System

In the next few version we will introduce the NPC system, this NPC system will work in different kinds of ways and will add a new layer of game play to the game.
Not only will you be able to hunt down these NPC’s you will also be able to war them, fight them in tournaments and much more!


Down below you can find information about several features we’re currently developing regarding NPCs.
These features will be added and tested once they’re ready to be added, this might be during the next version or the version after that.
Remember additional information and features might still be added and current existing information might still be changed.


NPC Spawning

Every 10 to 15 minutes a random level NPC will be spawned in a random city.
Every player will be able to shoot at this NPC via a new feature called NPC kill.
Every NPC has its own strength which will be based on its level, the higher the level the stronger the NPC is.
Players can shoot at the NPC, NPC’s have a “health system” which will allow them to survive shots until its health drops to 0.
Shooting at the NPC will gain you rewards for your attempts, the player that manages to kill the NPC will get rewarded for doing so.
NPC’s will be controlled by a script which will allow them to; put people that shoot on it in jail, pickpocket players that shoot at it, traval to different cities and much more.


NPC Wars

Once a week a family filled with NPC’s will be spawned. These NPC’s have no health, and basically function as actual players.
All families that want to join in the battle against the NPC’s will also have to worry about other families that join in the war.
Every family that participates will be stuck in the war for the next 6 hours, and every family will be able to shoot at the NPC’s and other families that are participating.
Shooting at these NPC’s will gain you rewards and so will killing them, winning the war against them will also result in rewards.
Families will not lose their family bank if they do not win the war.


NPC Tournaments

On every Saturday a tournament will start and every player will be able to sign up for this tournament.
Sign up periods are from 06:00 till 15:00 ingame time, you cannot sign up for the tournament after this time.
The tournament ladder will be generated at 16:00 and the tournament itself will start at 18:00.
Every player will be matched against a NPC on every stage. If you manage to beat this NPC you will pass on to the next round.
Every stage has a difficulty level for NPC’s, the further you get in the tournament the more difficult the NPC’s will become.
Every 15 minutes a “stage” of the tournament will take place, the tournament ends once every player has been eliminated.
Every battle will select a random person to shoot first, this could be either the player or the NPC.
If both the player and the NPC fail to hit each other they will both be eliminated from the tournament.
You will gain rewards for passing stages in the tournament, the further you get the more rewards you will receive.


Clone wars

Families will have the option to create a ‘clone’ family.
This clone family will be filled with NPC’s that are based on your family members.
This clone family will be exactly like your own family, and once you’ve spawned this family you will have to fight them.
Fighting clones will gain you rewards, but remember you will also be able to get killed by these clones!


Don’t forget to also read the news on the game to catch up with the latest developments!


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