A deeper look into the Kill system

The kill system is one of the most important features about Unleashed Fear, every gangster will eventually want to shoot other gangsters, but what does the kill system do and why is there so little information about it?


The answer is simple, the kill system has certain mysteries behind it to make the game a bit more interesting. If the kill system was fully explained and if all details about the kill system were known, everybody could use this information and would know exactly how it works, who they can and can’t kill and who can or can’t kill them.

In this article you will be able to find out some information about the kill system, information you might have already discovered, or information that has already been disclosed before. This information will allow you to make more sense of the kill system without spoiling exactly how the system works.


The basics

In order to kill you will need Offense and Stealth, and in order to defend against attempts on your life you will need Defense and Stealth, the exact amounts will not be disclosed however you will need these stats in order to do what you want, if you want to make kills but also survive shots you will need Offense, Defense and Stealth.

Next to your characters base stats you also have the option to use items, in order to kill you will need a weapon and disguise to boost your offense and stealth, and for defending you will need an armor and a disguise to boost your defense and stealth.

Items are not necessary to make kills but they do help boosting your account, obviously the better items you can get the better the boost will be.

Your home and born city will offer you an extra defense boost, and your opponents home and born city will give you an offense boost. (Remember these are flat defense and offense boosts, these boost do not include stealth)


Taking a shot

When taking a shot you will have to start off by finding the city your opponent is residing in. It would also be wise to obtain as much information about your opponent as possible, information such as; What kind of stats does he have, what items will he be using, what crimes have they been doing, how long is their travel cooldown, how far away are they from their or your home / born city.

Once you’ve obtained enough information and are ready to continue you will have to simply go towards the city your target resides in, equip your weapon and disguise and make the attempt.


Defending a shot

When defending against a shot it is advised to wear an armor and disguise to boost your defense and stealth. You might also want to reside in your home or born city in order to get an extra defense boost.

Other then the above there is not much else you can do besides trying to avoid getting shot. (Convince your opponent not to shoot, out-travel them so they can’t take the shot)


The system

Once the shooter presses the kill button the system will starts its calculations.

The calculations are based on a whole lot of variables some of the variables have already been disclosed above;

Shooters base stats (Offense/stealth) and Defenders base stats (Defense/stealth)
Does the shooter have enough stealth to help his offense? (Yes/No)
Does the defender have enough stealth to help his defense? (Yes/No)
Shooters items stats (Offense/stealth) and Defenders items stats (Defense/stealth)
Does the shooter still have enough stealth to help his offense? (Yes/No)
Does the defender still have enough stealth to help his defense? (Yes/No)
Shooters home / born city and Defenders home / born city.
Does the shooter still have enough stealth to help his offense? (Yes/No)
Does the defender still  have enough stealth to help his defense? (Yes/No)

These are the key elements the kill system takes into consideration, once all these elements have been taken into account another calculation will begin, this calculation will remain a bit of mystery but can simply be labeled as:

“What are the odds of the shooter being able to kill the defender”

The outcome of this calculation is simple, it compares the shooter with the defender, and will come out with a certain outcome of the shot, lets say for example the shooter has a 75% chance to kill the defender.
This means the shooter has the advantage, but that does not necessarily mean that he will kill the defender, even with 75% odds of killing the defender, the shooter can still miss his shot which is something we would call “A random miss” or if the shooter has a 20% chance of killing the defender and he manages to hit this would be called “A random hit”



The kill system is complicated, as it should be.
By learning how the system works in its core values you might be able to get the edge over other players.
By knowing what you have to do to defend yourself and to attack others you might be able to pull off that one defensive trick or that one offensive shot that might just save you your life.

**Note: As the kill system is one of the most important features in the game, this system is optional to change, and will always slightly be changes in between versions, this article simply states the most basic information about the kill system and how to use it, there is a lot more to the kill system then described above.


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