Upcoming changes in the new version

In the ongoing progress to improve Unleashed Fear we’ve compiled a new list of upcoming changes for a new version.

Currently there is no known date of when this new version will start however we’ve already started working on applying changes.
The following changes can be expected from the start of the new version or they will be adding during the version, remember some updates are still subject to change.



– NPC’s will now spawn in every city and not only the first 10 cities.
– NPC’s defense and health will be re-adjusted.
– NPC’s will now have a better dividation when it comes to their level and stats according to the amount and rank of players in the game.

– All stats on all items will be slightly reduced.
– Rank requirements for items will be adjusted.

– Statistics when it comes to fired shots and killed NPC’s will now be displayed on the dashboard.
– Statistics about killed NPC’s will now be displayed on character profiles.

– Several NPC’s will receive new profile pictures. (All NPC’s will eventually have their own unique pictures)
– NPC’s will now be spawned with a random skill.
– 5 Different skills have been created for NPC’s. (Jailing, pickpocketing, hacking, teleporting, rewarding)

– A kick feature will be added to family start groups.

– Family poll rights will now include; closing polls, removing polls, who added the poll and the date of when the poll was added.

– Affectiveness of items will now be reduced when you shoot down.

– Kill feature will receive a few tweaks. (Tweaks will not be disclosed)

– Home city offense and defense boosts will be slightly changed.

– NPC World bosses will be added. (Might be added later during the version)
– NPC World bosses will be spawned at certain times and in random cities.
– Everybody can participate in world boss events.

– You will no longer be able to suicide during a preparing or on-going war.

– New titles will be added.

– No description titles will be added. (How you unlock them will be secret)

– New missions will be added.

– New top menu design for scrolling. (Might be added later on in the version)

– Prestige system will be added.

– You will now gain prestige for making kills.

– Prestige will carry over from one parent towards another.


– Several bugs will be fixed. (You will be able to see all of them in the changelog)
– Several design glitches will be fixed. (You will be able to see all of them in the changelog)
– Several typo’s will be fixed.
– Several pages will be updated with the latest and more accurate information.


And much more!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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