New version of Unleashed Fear is in the making, re…

New version of Unleashed Fear is in the making, reset date will be announced soon! #mafia #game #mmorpg @


Development for a new version has officially started.

New features, new designs, new images and many more changes will be made.

During this new development process we’ll hold frequent resets to get better data on the balance of the game so we can improve the game at an on-going pace.


Many new features are currently under development.
Expect new features such as; Family crimes, More family related options, bigger wars, city wars, more city information, more city options, character skills and crafting, family skill, more statistics, more ways of killing, more ways of ranking up and more ways of making money.

The new theme will focus on the whole world, all ranks and vehicles will be changed and more cities will be added.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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