Changes for V2.006

Part of Unleashed Fear is its ongoing development, every version new balance changes are being applied, new background systems are being build and new features are added to the game.

In the last few versions we’ve added the new NPC system, the titles system among other features, now that these features are balanced and stable it’s time to move onto new projects.

During the past few weeks we’ve been working on several new background systems which will allow us to develop new features.
In the next version these background systems will be tested and data will be analyzed to continue working on these new features.


The new version of Unleashed Fear will be a shorter and faster ranking version.
This version will last between 3 to 6 weeks and will have increased minimum and maximum multipliers which means you’ll gain more ranking points and more stats then in previous versions.
During the course of the version several updates will take place and several features will be analyzed for further balance.


Background systems that have been added

– Gamble actions are now being logged.
– Gamble profits/losses are now being saved.
– Every user action is now being logged for the user as well as for characters. (Kills, crimes, gta’s, profits, jailbusts, characters etc.)
– Multiple new features are now being logged.
– Background system added for gem history. (User related)
– Background system to send mails o players about an upcoming reset.
– Background system for world bosses has been created. (More info below)
– Background system for cities has been created. (More info below)
– Background system for families has been created. (More info below)
– Background system for kills has been created. (More info below)
– Background system for NPC’s has been created. (More info below)

What do background systems do and what will we notice from this?
A background system is simply a system that works on the ‘background’, you won’t notice any difference with this system.
This system allows us to add more possibilities to features and to analyze data more accordingly to find a better balance.

So what can we expect from these background systems?
Once they’re fully tested and once we have enough data to analyze certain features we can continue working on these systems.
You can expect better balance from certain features, faster bug fixed in case any bugs are found and improvements to each and every of the above features.


In detail

– The gamble logging will allow you to get an overview on your profits / losses from gambling.
– Once every user action is being recorded we can start working on an achievements system for users, much like the titles system for characters, however the user statistics will never be reset as they’re tied to your user account, allowing more achievements, bigger achievements and different achievements.
– Some new features are now being logged, this will allow us to analyze these features better and come up with a better balance for these features.
– The background system for world bosses will alow us to develop the world boss feature, every day at a certain time a boss will be spawned, this boss much like a regular NPC can be shot at and will give great rewards, everybody will be able to participate in this event.
– The background system for cities will allow us to develop new features for cities, families that own a city will be able to construct building in these cities, these building will give certain bonuses and other perks, more information will be given once we start working on this feature.
– The background system for families will allow us to develop new features for families, families will now have a skills list available, every family can start leveling up certain skills, these skills just like buildings will give certain benefits to all characters that are part of the family, more information will be given once we start working on this feature.
– The background system for kill and NPC’s will allow us to develop our new free-to-kill system, information about the new free-to-kill system can be found on our Ideas forum.

Is that all that has been changed?
No! These are simply background changes that have been made next to the regular changes, since these background changes won’t get noticed we figured to give some more information about them, as they hold the key to the future.
We’ve made several regular changes, balance changes and improvements here and there, down below you’ll be able to get an overview of the changes you can find during the next version.



– Stats bar has been removed and replaced with a bonus bar, this is an experiment after much demand from players to try out a version without the stats bar, we’ve replaced it with a bonus bar, this is the bonus you’ll receive during the lifespan of your character and is based on the bonus you selected when you created your character.
– The online list icon has now become a permanent upgrade that lasts the entire version rather then 1 day, 7 days or 30 days.
– Gem shop page has been redesigned to be more fitting and have all options alligned with each other.
– Families that are at war with other families will now have their opponents appear as enemies on the online list.
– Gold/Vip profiles can now turn off or on a setting to display the amount of NPC kills they’ve made.
– Gem history has been imported from older versions, allowing you to get an overview of how many gems you’ve spend and allowing you to grab titles easier.
– Minimum and maximum multiplier has been boosted greatly, allowing for faster ranking and faster stats gaining.
– Duels will now take place in the next 15 to 20 minutes instead of 0 to 5 minutes. (Changed this for future purposes)
– Mass messages now have the option to be locked when you’re composing one, nobody will be able to reply in closed mass messages.
– Guest account can no longer view health’s of NPC’s.

– Crimes and GTA’s will all have changed stats.
– Trades and stock prices will be slightly changed.
– New polls will be added to decide future updates.
– New polls will be added to gather information from players.
– During the course of the version new events will be held.
– Several typo’s, design glitches and other small bugs have been resolved.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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