Crimes system receives major update

With the release of V2.012 coming up, we’ve made some pretty big changes to the crimes system.
Continue reading this blog article to find out which changes have been made.


To start off
The reason why we’ve changed the crime system is simple, we want more diverse crimes and more features of the game being used.
We want to offer more complexity while at the same time keeping the system as simple and adept as possible.
You’ll continue committing crime the same as before however, several things on the background of the system have been changed.


What has been changed
One of the major changes is our ‘crimes update system’ which makes crimes weaker/stronger based on the amount of players playing crimes, this system sadly wasn’t enough change to make the entire crime system more diverse.
The ‘crimes update system’ has received major improvements and now functions completely different only the background, where in the past this system only updates all crimes once every 48 to 96 hours it will now change crimes every 5 minutes.
The changes being made by this system to the crimes will make all crimes change much faster over time and make it much more difficult to find the best crime, and even if you’ve found the best crime, you’ll never know if it’ll remain the best crime for long.

Another big change to the ‘crimes update system’ is the fact that crimes can now become different in orientation.
There might be a heavy offense crime which over time becomes a defense crime, simply because of the crime changing.

The changes of the ‘crimes update system’ weren’t visible in the past, the percentages of offense/defense and stealth on crimes didn’t change as only the background values became lower, offense, defense and stealth lost equal amounts of points hence why the percentages didn’t change.
With this new change you’ll be able to see percentages change, this doesn’t tell you if a crime became better or weaker, it’ll simply tell you if it gained or lost certain attributes.

We’ve also changed the aspect of crimes being spammed or not spammed, rather then nerfing the crimes that got spammed and boosting those that didn’t, all crimes will now be changed over time.
The actual changes per update are much, much smaller then they were before, crimes will now only change 1% every update where previously crimes got updated by 25% per update.

We’ve also made some small adjustments to the crimes bonus system, the system will now update every 6 hours and will have a 75% chance of giving either offense, defense or stealth bonus.


How does this affect the game
Looking for the best crime will be an on-going challenge and might actually be impossible, as crimes continuously evolve and change you won’t easily be able to tell which crimes are good at the current time, you’ll only be able to estimate how good they used to be.
It will also add a certain layer of uncertainty towards knowing how your account will be, it will also contribute towards the lengths of versions as account won’t easily be able to play the best crimes all the time and all version long.


Balance and the future
With this big change we’ll obviously still have to test the outcome of this experiment, finding the right balance when it comes to the amount and strength of crimes changing we can only make a rough estimate of what will be good, but we’ll have to run an entire version with this system to experience how this will play out during the course of the game.
Balance changes might still be made even to the current version if necessary.

One other future feature we’re adding to crimes is the ‘unlocking’ crimes system.
This system will be tested during V2.013 after we’ve tested the ‘crimes updating’ system.
The background systems for unlocking crimes is already in place and will be tested but you won’t litterly have to unlock crimes in every city before you can play them.

In the future we might experiment with more and different changes to the crimes system, we consider the criming system to be the most important feature of the game currently and want this feature to be unique, exciting and ever changing the concept of it so it cannot be ‘fully mastered’.
This will always be a challenge, but it’ll certainly spice the outcome of version up since everybody will have new chances with new changes.


We’d love it if you’d all leave your feedback on these changes, tell us what you think and discuss with other players on how we can make this system even better for all.
You can always message us in game, fill in a report or discuss these matters on the forums!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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6 Responses

  1. So you abandon the game for long while then decide to come back and be extreme? Problem is, there will be even more bugs now, and you won’t be around to fix them…. again.
    Suck my duck. Love from Egypt.

  2. Blaaster says:

    Nobody abandoned the game, I was pretty busy in real life but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t around.
    There were a lot of problems due to bugs but also due to how the game mechanisms.
    It takes time to figure out the right way how to deal with these flaws and in the background I’ve been working on getting that done. (Next to the V3 project)

    A lot of the current game problems can only be resolved by observing and testing them, some bugs don’t leave any errors or messages behind.
    All the currently known bugs have been fixed and I’ll remain active to fix any upcoming bugs if there’s going to be any.

  3. I like this new system of crimes, It’s hard to share best crimes it will make the game more fair more hard and more exciting xD
    ~ Zack

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