Crimes system receives major update


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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6 Responses

  1. So you abandon the game for long while then decide to come back and be extreme? Problem is, there will be even more bugs now, and you won’t be around to fix them…. again.
    Suck my duck. Love from Egypt.

  2. Blaaster says:

    Nobody abandoned the game, I was pretty busy in real life but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t around.
    There were a lot of problems due to bugs but also due to how the game mechanisms.
    It takes time to figure out the right way how to deal with these flaws and in the background I’ve been working on getting that done. (Next to the V3 project)

    A lot of the current game problems can only be resolved by observing and testing them, some bugs don’t leave any errors or messages behind.
    All the currently known bugs have been fixed and I’ll remain active to fix any upcoming bugs if there’s going to be any.

  3. I like this new system of crimes, It’s hard to share best crimes it will make the game more fair more hard and more exciting xD
    ~ Zack

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