Kill system idea

Kill or be killed, most Gangsters live by this motto, and it’s no different in Unleashed Fear.
How these kills take place, and why these kills happen might change soon, continue reading about the latest developments regarding the kill system.



Since the start of V2 we’ve introduced the family wars feature, this feature was added due to the lack of players in the game.

During V1 we’ve discovered that a free-to-kill system wasn’t going to work as long as the game doesn’t have enough players to support such a system.

Several times about 25-40% of all the players got shot in a matter of a couple of hours, obviously this ruined versions and broke the game hence why the family wars system was introduced.

The introduction of the family wars system was received with mixed feelings, some players loved the fact that they couldn’t get shot at any time anymore and wars actually had to be fought fair and square, while others were disappointed they couldn’t randomly kill people for fun anymore.

Family wars system

The family wars system works great, wars are actually being fought and most wars are quite exciting (statistically speaking) obviously the whole family wars system would be even more exciting if there were many more families and much more players.

By adding the family wars system, versions became a bit longer, and players lived longer in general, big teams had a harder time dominating the game and all in all the game became a better place.

However, by adding the family wars system one of the biggest reasons why people play these sort of games has been lost, the thrill and excitement of randomly getting killed or killing someone.

The idea

Our idea to bring back some of the excitement, while keeping things balanced and keeping the family wars system in place is simple.

Every hour there is a 20% chance a random city will be marked as an ‘all-out-war city’.

Once a city has been marked as an ‘all-out-war city’ everyone in this city can be shot at and shoot at other people.

The city will remain to be marked as an ‘all-out-war city’ for 60 minutes.

Families that are fighting a war cannot shoot at other people during the war, so if a city gets marked and your family is fighting a war you won’t be able to participate, you will only be able to shoot at your opponents of the family war.


We want to offer players the option to get killed and make kills outside of family wars, we also want to add a little more thrill to the game as well.

You could log off in one city for a couple of hours and come back finding yourself a couple of events of people shooting at you or possibly even a red screen, or maybe you just travelled towards a city and a couple of minutes later this city gets marked.

A system like this will bring back the old kill-system back in some way, while still keeping existing systems in place.


We posted this on our blog in order to receive your feedback, we want to know what you think, we’ve created a thread on the forums for you to write your feedback in. (Streets -> Kill system update)

We’ve also opened up a poll so everyone can give their feedback there.

We’re aware that not all players of Unleashed Fear are currently playing the game, and would like for the current players to remind their friends to give their opinions as well.

The more players enjoy Unleashed Fear, the more players will play Unleashed Fear, which will make the game much more fun and interesting in the long run.

Last note

This feature is already under development and if the majority of the players like this feature it might already be implemented and tested during the next version.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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