World bosses!

World bosses is one of the new features coming to Unleashed Fear, we’ll start testing this upgraded NPC system next version or the version after.


After much testing and balancing and upgrading the current NPC system another big upgrade is coming in the form of world bosses.
World bosses are NPC’s that everybody can shoot at and everybody will be able to deal damage on these world bosses, everybody will gain rewards and family participation will increase your rewards!

Every day at 06:00 in-game time, 12:00 in-game time, 18:00 in-game time and 24:00/00:00 in-game time a random world boss will be spawned in a random location.
Announcements will be made once a world boss has been spawned, it’s location will be known and this world boss won’t travel to a different city.
World bosses are much stronger then regular NPC’s, they have much more health and the damage you’ll deal to the world boss is completely random unlike the NPC system where everybody deals damage based on the NPC and the total strength of their account and some random variables.

By being part of a family you’ll be able to gain your family extra income and the more players from your family participate the more income will be generated.
Your family will also gain ranking progress, allowing your family to level up quicker and faster.

Everybody will have unlimited shots at these world bosses and you’ll be able to shoot at them every 5 minutes. These shots will not be deducted from your regular NPC shots and there is nothing to fear/lose from shooting at world bosses.

Once a world boss has been killed the top 50 damage dealers will gain rewards and since everybody’s shots will do random damage everybody has equal chances of gaining rewards and making it to the top 50 players.
There will also be a top 10 family participation rewards, so get as many family members actively participating in shooting at world bosses!

A world boss must be killed before a new world boss can be spawned.
If the world boss that spawned at 06:00 in-game time isn’t dead by the time the counter hits 12:00, a new world boss will be spawned and the old world boss will disappear, if a world boss disappears obviously nobody of the top 50 damage dealers will be able to gain rewards and your family won’t get extra income.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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