Game is down for development!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the very last version of V2!

Yes, that’s right the last version of V2, as we’re going to close the game and start preparing for V3 and its development.

Unleashed Fear V2 will end on Friday the 6th of May, the game will be put into maintenance mode for the next 2-3 months.

Continue reading this news post to find out more about v3, my personal experiences, gaming in general, and more about Unleashed Fear and any other development progress.



TL;DR: Game is going offline on Friday the 6th of May for roughly 2-3 months in order to get V3 ready for release, we hope to see you when the game will be back.
We’ll of course update everyone via e-mail and social media about any news and any other development.
Continue reading to find out more.



V2 coming to an end

This was the last of V2, we’ve decided that the time has come to shut the game down until the release of V3.
We’ve decided that shutting the game down to fully focus on making V3 ready will be much more beneficial in the long-run and will allow us to spend more time developing the game rather then working on V3 and implementing these changes to V2.



Unleashed Fear

For Unleashed Fear to continue the game needs to grow, not only in features but mainly in an active players-base.
As with most multiplayer games, the more people are playing the game the more fun it’ll become.
Unleashed Fear is no different and in order for the game to grow some drastic changes will have to be made to improve the game.
Changes that will change the game but will allow us to reach more people and different kind of players so the players-base can grow.

Recently, the biggest Mafia game of all time has announced they will shut its doors permanently, this is a major opportunity for Unleashed Fear to reach a new audience and offer those players an alternative game to play.
This other game has/had over millions of monthly players playing, imagine the fun Unleashed Fear would be with even just 1% of those numbers, plenty of people to fight wars with and plenty of new people to meet and interact with.

V3 will be different from V2, but the core of the game will remain the same, the objectives as a player will remain the same but with loads more things to do and much more functional then ever before, on our blog you can find more information about new and upcoming features and other changes that will be made in order for Unleashed Fear to reach its potential.



My personal experiences

Unleashed Fear started out as a project to learn how to develop a game, due to the shut down of Dark-Future the game managed to get a lot of people playing.

during V1 my programming skill we’re pretty much limited to basic thing and basic designing, with the release of V2 I’ve started to develop how to build system from the ground up and managed to integrate them.

The past 5 years have been quite a ride, I’ve met a lot of people and learned a lot, now it’s time to put this into action when it comes to V3, but first lets look at the gaming scene before we continue talking about the development of V3.


Gaming now-a-days compared to back in the days

Back in the days when I grew up with games there was no internet, games were different without internet. Games were a lot more challenging by them selves and since there was no internet you’d have to figure out the game on your own or know people in the ‘real world’ in order to become better at games.

All of that has been changes since the internet started booming, more games are being produced and a lot different genres were born due to the multiplayer aspects.

However, not only have games been changes in this sense, but so have the players.
As games evolve, so do players, due to the online nature of games a lot of players have become a lot more competitive.

Due to the nature of the internet everybody starts building an opinion and of course everybody has different opinions about certain matters.
Different opinions and different play styles is good, but makes the work of a developer extremely hard.

2 Great recent examples of this is; Destiny & The Division.
If you’ve ever read the forums of either of these games you’ll see that 90% of the posts on these forums are about the following subjects; Cheating, exploiting, abusing, complaining, bashing, assaulting and flaming.
If you ever read the comments on Youtube videos / Reddit you’ll see the same phenomena.

Companies like Bungie and Ubisoft, which have hundreds if not thousands of employees and billions of funding in order to create, maintain and upgrade games are struggling to ‘do the right thing’ as everybody has an opinions and everybody wants different things.
It almost seems as if it has become impossible to do the right thing or to please everyone.

As said, this makes things for a developer extremely hard, I know personally that I work on Unleashed Fear out of passion for the game but if 90% of the feedback and responses you get are always negative it sucks away the fun aspects of working on the game.

I guess you could consider this a bit of a rant, but it’s mainly its suppose to inform you about my view on the whole situation here, but also about gaming in general.
My hope is that this will all change in the future, and that communities can be respectful and supportive towards one and another rather then always looking to bash and/or be negative about things.
Some of you might remember the beginning days of Dark-Future, and most players that played during those days say/claim those were the best days that game ever saw, and this was due to the mutual respect for one another and the quick action to defend your friends and fellow gangsters if they were being harassed, yes sometimes people would argue or fight, and sometimes people would pull dirty tricks just like now-a-days, but in the end everybody respected each other and it’s important to remember that.

V3 is under development!

We don’t have an exact date yet but we expect to be able to get a first closed testing version ready within 2-3 months of development time.
We’ll begin testing all the changes and improvements in order to fully optimise them and start the first official V3 version.
We’ll continue updating the blog and inform you on any upcoming release via e-mail!

We hope to see you during V3, until then take care and all the best wishes!
The Admins.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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  1. The Bolivian says:

    For the love of christ, make it mobile friendly, and take a direction where you dont have to click stuff every minute to play the game.

    As you mentioned gaming has changed a lot, and this type of game has to become an on-the-go kind of experience if its gonna succeed commercially. I would go as far as to suggest a mobile app for it.

    I’ll take a peek at it again when you go live.

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