Current status of Development

As most of you already know, the game has been down for the development of V3 since the beginning of May.
This post will get you updated on the current situation of Unleashed Fear, we know you’ve been patiently anticipating for any news.


We expected the downtime to last for roughly 2-3 months before we could release a testing version of V3, however this is not the case.
V3 of Unleashed Fear contains many major changes such as a completely new design, new systems, new features and much more.
We didn’t post any news regarding Unleashed Fear due to crucial bugs and design glitches, now that these have been resolved we can start giving more information regarding V3.

Current development updates

The new design of V3 is almost ready it requires several more tweaks and changes to make it work on all devices.
Several new systems have been put into place in order for us the better balance the future game.
Several new features have been added to the game and require testing/tweaks, some other features are still currently under development.

During this week or the next we’ll dedicate a full blog article related to all the improvements and changes we’ve already made.

Delay in development

We’ve decided not to rush a release of Unleashed Fear until everything is working as intended, we want players to experience a perfect gaming environment without any problems.
During the development several bugs and glitches have been discovered that have to be fixed in order to continue development and this is the main cause of the delay in a release of V3.

Due to recent events happening in the gaming industry it’s become crucially clear that when we release V3 of Unleashed Fear the game must function the way it’s suppose to function.

Several games have been released in the past few months that have shown that rushing a game out of production while having major issues such as balance problems, glitches or bugs will not lead to a fun experience or a good game for that matter. (Look at; No man’s sky, The Division for example)

When will the game be ready?

Due to reasons mentioned above we don’t have a deadline or any time table for any release as of this moment.
However we’ll be updating our blog and Facebook page more regularly now.
We’ll share information about changes and updates, post screenshots/teasers of the new design and more.

We’re currently working on getting a testing environment ready for a limited amount of players to start testing the new features and improving the design.
Once this testing environment is ready we’ll e-mail all the players and everybody will get a fair chance of being selected to become a tester.
Once the initial testing stages are a success we’ll accept more testers in order to improve the balance of the game and start holding small test versions in order to improve the game until a full release of an official version is ready.

Rest assured, V3 is coming and progress is being made to make Unleashed Fear a much better and more enjoyable game for everyone.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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