Items system

One of the biggest updates in V3 is the items system.
The entire items system will be re-written and will contain a lot of upgrades.
In this blog article you’ll find out more about what changes you’ll find in V3 and what’s yet still to come.


During v1 you could simply buy items from the shops, equip the items and train the items before they become effective.
Items during v1 gave percentage based stat bonuses, which was a major mistake from our side.
During v2 we’ve changed the items system, you no longer had to train items before they became effective and they no longer gave percentage base bonuses but rather a flat amount of stats bonus.
We also added upgrades to items and allowed you to sell, delete, store and un-equip them, where as in v1 if you bought an item it would automatically be equipped.


Introduction the the new system

Our new system will be much more complex then the systems we used in v1 and v2.
You will still be able to buy items from stores but this will not be the main way of obtaining items.

You will now be able to obtain items in various ways; Loot drops from features such as crimes and GTA, you’ll be able to craft your own items if you meet certain requirements, there are stores that sell basic items and there’s a marketplace where players can sell their un-needed items to other players.

Items will still give flat bonuses as percentage based bonuses are to extreme.
Items will also contain rarity, just like in v2 items will have their own color code which will indicate the rareness of an item.
However, unlike v2 equipment will not be able to get upgraded from one rarity to another.


Inventory system

There will be an inventory and storage system, each character will have a limit amount of inventory space and storage space.
At the inventory system you can decide what to do with the items you have, whether you want to sell them, equip them, delete them or stash them in your storage.
You’ll also be able to easily compare items that have been equipped and other items to see which ones are stronger or better suitable for your character.
Items that are in storage are unused, this is simply a storage area in-case you don’t want to sell or delete and item just yet but you can stash it there for later use.



The market place will allow you to sell your items to other players, and look for goods you might be interested in buying.
Unlike v2 you won’t be able to sell an item back to the shop anymore, this can only be done on the marketplace.

Each category of items will have its own marketplace, much like the gems marketplace in v2.
Players will define their own values of items, every item comes with a certain base value attached to it, to give a rough indication of their value.
However it is up to the players to decide how much they want to sell their goods for.


Crafting items

Everybody will be able to start crafting their own items from now on.
Almost all items are craft-able, you’ll need to find the necessary materials in order to craft an item of your choosing.
You’ll also have to level up your crafting skills to unlock more powerful items, you can level up your crafting skills by crafting items of that category.


Loot drops

From now on certain features allow you to find loot upon successfully completing the action, such as; Crimes, GTA, shooting at NPC.
You’ll find materials that will allow you to craft equipment but you might also find regular equipment that might be useful to you.
Or maybe, if you’re extremely lucky you’ll find a super rare item which cannot be crafted.
Loot drop will also be added on future features after the initial testing has been completed, future features such as; Group crimes, Family crimes, World bosses and more!



The rewards system is a work in progress and won’t be in the initial testing stages just yet.
Players and families will obtain rewards from completing certain tasks / actions.
Rewards upon winning a family war, winning a duel or competing in a weekly tournament, finishing missions and much more!
Rewards can either be in the form of materials or gear dependable on which reward is tied to which action you’ve completed.


Goal of these changes

We wanted to fundamentally change the items system to make it more interesting, more diverse and more exiting.
It should be fun to receive a new item and to figure out if it’s better then the current gear you have.
We wanted to make gear hunting more unique and more challenging, but also offer multiple ways to fine-tune your character.
We also wanted to offer multiple different ways of obtaining gear rather then buy and your good to go.


The future

Obviously in the beginning all these changes will be pretty basic, there will be limited amount of gear/materials, limit amount of diversity and limited amount of crafting.
When all the balance issues that might arise, when players get comfortable and used to the new system we’ll start adding more and more.
All these new features for the items system will allow us to make the game a lot more interesting and make it feel much more like a role-playing-game then before.
We also believe it’ll add more depth to the game and give you much more ways to customize your character exactly the way you want to.


**Note** Screenshots / previews will be added to this blog article later this week, currently the blog software doesn’t allow for images in the middle of the text without glitching the design, we’re working on resolving this. (We’ll re-post this article once it has been updated)


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