Kill system changes

Several new features will be build into the new kill system.
Some of these new features will play a major tactical role in the new kill system and several of these changes will improve the overall playing experience.


The kill system is a much discussed feature on Unleashed Fear, and for good reason.
It’s one of the most exciting features in the game, yet the kill system can also break the game.

During V1 of the game we quickly realised several changes to the kill system were needed in order to better balance the game, when items gave percentage boosts they impacted the kill or be killed dramatically.
There weren’t any limits on the kill system either, no range in ranks, no damage when shooting down, there was only a cooldown time in between shots.

This all changes during V2, items were changed to give flat bonuses rather then percentage bonuses.
We’ve also added damage to stats and items upon shooting down in ranks.
We’ve also added more restriction on who can kill who, if you were part of a family you’d have to have a family war with the players you wanted to shoot, players without families could shoot each other at any given time.

At the end of V2 we’ve also a feature known as warzones, every hour there was a chance of a random city becoming a warzone, anyone that was in this city would be able to shoot at anyone as long as they were in the same city.
This made the kill system much more balanced compared to V1 but more changes are coming!


Character skills

One of the new features in V3 is the characters skills feature.
This feature will also play a big role in the kill system, there will be several skills which will allow you to become a better killer, a more efficient shooter and a better defender.


Critical hit chance

Every character will have a 10% chance to deal a critical hit towards another player upon shooting them.
A critical hit will increase your offense output based on your critical hit damage and gives you better chances of killing the other player.
Critical hit chance can be increased by your character skills but also by the weapon type you’re using.


Critical hit damage

Every character will have a base 25% critical hit damage, this means if you manage to get a critical hit chance on your shot you’ll gain 25% more offense.
Critical hit chance can be increased by your character skills but also by the weapon type you’re using.


Neutralize effects

From now on every shot you do gives you a 10% chance to neutralize a target upon failing to kill them.
Once a target has been neutralized they will receive a random amount of cooldown added on top of their kill and travel feature.
It will effectively neutralize them from shooting at you and being able to travel away.



As a defensive skill you can now also become immune to getting neutralized.
Once someone shoots at you and fails to kill you, your immunize skill comes into play and might cancel the neutralizing effects.


Auto shoot back

This feature is for VIP profile upgraded players only.
The auto shoot back feature allows you to instantly shoot back at someone who shot at you, even if you’re currently offline.
This feature can be turned on and turned off on the settings page.


Arena (Duels)

An arena will be added for duelling, here you can look for opponents to duel.
You can either add your own duel contract or accept somebody else their duel contract.
You can customize the duel contract in whichever way you see fit, how many ranks below or up you’d like to duel, who shoots first and more.


Summary / Conclusion

We’re making several “small” changes to the kill system which will create a whole new experience.
The core system will remain to be the same as it has always been.
All in all, with the new kill system changes, the new character skill system and the new items system it should be a much better and fun experience with a lot more chaos and tactics involved.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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