General improvements V3

Improvements is what V3 is all about, there’s a whole list of major and smaller improvements being made.
General improvements can be found in every aspect of the game ranging from design, information and features itself.


In order to optimize the general player experience a lot of improvements had to be made to the game.
We’ve made major improvements to the design and the functionality of the design itself.
There’s also a lot more information about the game, every feature will have it’s own help page.
Features itself have also been updated to bring about a much smoother game-play experience.

Continue reading down below to find out more about all the changes that have been made.

Note: **Theres much more to list but these are the most crucial changes.**


Major game design changes

The general design (template) of the in-game website has been completely changed and majorly updated.
Menu’s will be replaced by buttons and multiple pages have been ‘folded together’ into a single page.
Images have been optimized and loading times have been further reduced.

List of design related changes:

  • Bottom menu has been added with important character related features.
  • Top menu has been added with all features.
  • Group pages have been created so multiple features can be loaded into 1 single page.
  • Chat box has been added and will be accessible from every page.
  • More icons have been added which will indicate situation right away.
  • Jail experience has been updated and has been completely redesigned.
  • Death pages have been updates and has been completely redesigned.
  • Page/action images are now larger in width and height.



Small game design changes

Several small design changes have been made to make the gaming experience smoother and easier.
It’s now possible to receive help on every feature in the game instantly, better indication about certain situations taking place in the game.

List of small design related changes:

  • Successful actions will now be highlighted in green, failed / busted actions will be highlighted in red.
  • Icons will now have descriptions which contain more information.
  • Pages are now wider and tables/information will now be spread much better in an orderly fashion.
  • Family related pages have been combined which makes accessing them much smoother.
  • Shoutbox/Announcement box have been replaced with a Chat box which will have it’s own unique announcements.
  • Online list has been removed and been added on it’s own page, reducing load times majorly.
  • All family related pages have now been combined into one page.


General system changes

Some system changes had to be made in order to make the game more prepared for more players.
We’ve also expanded several capabilities of our server and our databases, most of these changes are background changes and aren’t something regular players would notice and/or encounter.

List of general system changes:

  • Cache of images has been optimized which makes loading them much faster.
  • Static pages cache has been optimized which makes loading them much faster.
  • Cache of data is now done much more often.
  • Databases have been optimized.
  • Backups now take place every 3 hours rather then every 6 hours. (8 times a day rather then 4 times a day)
  • Logs have been added on almost every feature allowing us to analyze data much better. (This is good for balance issues and for supplying players with more information)


Game world changes

In order to make the game more interesting and more fun we’ve also made changes to the world we play in as well.
Most of these changes would be considered relatively small however it’ll be fun exploring new things.

List of game world changes:

  • 5 new cities have been added making a total of 20 cities.
  • 50 new crimes have been added to these 5 new cities. (Including 50 success, 50 fail and 50 busted messages)
  • Rank have been changes, there’s now 80 new ranks to discover.
  • All the game world images have been changed/updated. (Success / Fail / Busted / Gambling / Travelling / Killing etc.)
  • City ranks have been added to the game. (More about this in a future article)


Manual / Help system

In order to give relevant information where needed we’ve decided to add help pages on every feature.
This will allow you to instantly get the help you need on what to do.

List of changes in the manual system:

  • Every feature and/or system has it’s own help page.
  • Help pages contain relevant information and side information crucial to understanding the feature/system.
  • Help pages will later on also contain guides and player advise.
  • Help can be activated and deactivated in your settings. (Less load time / no help buttons)
  • Players will be able to submit tips and tricks that might be added to help pages for rewards.


Notifications system

We’ve had several systems that interacted with notifications, for instance the flashing of the crimes button once you were ready to commit another crime.
But we’ll add more notifications systems and add more customization to these systems so that you can receive notifications in whichever way you see fit.

List of notification changes:

  • E-mail system has been added to notifications.
  • You can now choose on which features you’d like to receive e-mail notifications. (Wars, kills, inactivity, reminders etc)
  • Flashing buttons system has been expanded to having more unique actions. (Flashing, glowing, changing color)
  • More notifications have been added in general.
  • New features almost all come with notifications.
  • Announcement system has been changed.


Gameplay experience

Gameplay is one of the most crucial elements in gaming today, the way a game plays and feels when you play it is of such importance that we’ve had to change a couple of things about Unleashed Fear.
We’ve already mentioned that we’ve changed the classic left and right menu’s and have replaced them with top and bottom menu’s.
But we’ve also added in lots more icons, information that’s relevant to the icons and have made some changes to the hotkeys.

List of gameplay experience changes:

  • Hotkeys have been slightly changed due to multiple pages being combined.
  • Icons now give relevant information without having to go to a certain page.
  • Top and Bottom menu’s will have clear indications upon new events/changes.
  • The website itself feels and looks more like a game rather then just a ‘website’.
  • Browsing features is now a lot more smoother with less searching for where you actually need to be.


Other improvements

Some improvements are more general and don’t really fit into a certain category or fit into multiple categories.
Below you can find a list of other improvements that have been made, remember there are a lot more changes and not every change has been listed.

  • Multiple pages have been re-designed to fit the new format.
  • Multiple pages have been combined with other pages.
  • Multiple images have been re-designed to fit the new format.
  • Character creation / Parent creation screens have been completely re-designed.
  • Holiday system has been re-designed and updated.
  • Travel page has been redesigned and now gives more information, more travel logs are also being saved.
  • Items system has been re-designed and will now contain more information.
  • Stats pages have been re-designed and will now give more information.
  • City details/stats pages have been added.
  • E-mail system has been updated.
  • And lots, lots more!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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