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From Monday till Friday we’ll be posting previews of V3 every day.
These previews can vary from game world information, design screenshots, new features and other changes.
This is our second article of the week with our second preview of V3, continue reading to find out more about the new city Madrid.


Welcome to Madrid! (One of the new cities of V3)

Madrid city previews


Tuesday, Preview #2 (Madrid (New city))

Some of you might have already noticed the cover photo change on our Facebook page, this was in anticipation to revealing that Madrid is going to be one of the new cities in Unleashed Fear V3.

With the release of V3 we’ll be introducing 5 new cities.
This means 50 new crimes and 150 new crime results. (Success / Failed / Busted)
We’re planning on adding even more cities once V3 has been released.
To achieve more crime diversity and to be able to reduce the randomness of crimes in general.
By adding more cities the traveling aspects will also change and so will the aspects of wars as it’ll be easier/harder to hide/find your opponents.
This will impact the family wars feature and will give more options to the warzone feature.

We’ve also changed all the welcome images upon traveling to a new city and included images for the 5 new cities.
Cities will play a much bigger role in the next version of Unleashed Fear.
Massive updates have already taken place on the cities system and more updates are coming;

  • Statistics revolving the city.
  • Information about the city.
  • More options for Families controlling cities.
  • Buildings can now be build by Families controlling a city.
  • Buildings now give special bonuses for anyone residing the city.
  • And much more!


More information regarding V3 and previews will be posted every day this week.
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