Previews V3 | Thursday #4

From Monday till Friday we’ll be posting previews of V3 every day.
These previews can vary from game world information, design screenshots, new features and other changes.
This is our fourth article of the week with our fourth preview of V3, continue reading to find out more about the new design of the top and bottom menu’s.

New design of the top menu! (Work in progress (Continue reading below the image))

previews top menu

New design of the bottom menu! (Work in progress (Continue reading below the image))

previews bottom menu

Thursday, Preview #4 (Menu’s design)


The design of all our menu’s has been changed as you can see in the images above.
Instead of having a menu on the right, left and top we’ve decided to change this to a top and bottom menu.

Because of the design change of all the pages we manage to reduce the amount of items in the menu’s significantly.
The bottom menu will contain all important aspects regarding your character and your account.
And the top menu will contain all the feature related buttons.
The bottom menu is a sticky menu, it always remains on the bottom of the page which will allow you to quickly access all these features.
Top menu buttons will flash / give notifications upon important updates or cooldown times expiring.

By removing the left and right menu we we’re able to increase the width of the main content holder. (Pages)
Which will allow us to give more information inside pages, this will also reduce the amount of scrolling.

Remember these are just previews and the design will still be improved.
Several features for these menu’s are still on our to-do list and will be added at later stages.

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