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6 Responses

  1. Ezzar says:

    Dear Blaaster,

    Let’s start with saying good job.
    In my opinion the icons on the bottom are a thousand times better then the icons on top, those icons are ugly with the red border and the red font inside the icon itself. Its better if they are somewhat bigger with the white font beneath it, like you have on the bottom.
    Second, the top and bottom icons need to be center.
    Third, the “safety” needs to be above or below the characters name because when someone has a long name it will come out of the design or you need to have a max characters per line baked into your CSS to make sure the design wouldn’t mess up.
    Fourth, move “chat” to the right and make it pop up or something and move the load time seconds to the left bottom. And maybe design a simple footer or have a “click to reveal” JavaScript button for the users online list else it looks a little bit bold downstairs.

    Anyhow good job!

    Met vriendelijke groet, 🙂

  2. Blaaster says:

    Thank you for the feedback!

    Yeah the icons on the top are going to change these images were made quite a while ago to test the concept, The font will be changed, the red will somewhat still be there due to flashing effects to give indications of actions. (Cooldowns expired, any other update related notification)
    However I’m unsure about making them bigger, as we’ll have to reduce space on the other menu’s, we’ll test this and check it as there’s also a lot of buttons still missing from the top menu.
    (Also, the redness and red font will change to yellow and back upon a new action as mentioned, hence why the coloring, but yes you’re right it’ll be changed)

    The bottom menu icons are on the right side because the chat will be on the left side, this is to prevent the chat from overlapping with the bottom menu icons, and also because in mainstream gaming (MMORPG’s / Web mmo’s) they have this particular menu on the left side and chat on the right side.

    Good point you made on the safety issue, there do is a maximum length of a character name you can have but yes it’ll expand beyond the design, we’ll look into this.

    Chat will remain on the left however, this is due to every mainstream game has chat’s on the left side, whether their browser based games / client MMORPG games etc, this is just whats makes the most sense. (It’s what most players are used to)
    It will indeed be a pop-up kind of window, you can close / open it at any given time by simply clicking on the button, we simply haven’t finished the chat feature completely just yet so we can’t showcase how it works just yet.

    Load times will most likely be removed as most people don’t use it or aren’t aware of what it does/means, it’s mostly used by Admins to see if there’s any lag on the servers/databases end or not.

    (Also, please keep in mind that this screenshot isn’t the best representation, my Macbook uses a super high resolution and upon making a screenshot it doubles the width/height even further, I’ve managed to reduce the sizes somewhat with photoshop but yeah it doesn’t give the exact same feeling/representation as it does on screen)

    Vriendelijke groet en dank! 🙂

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