Test version V3

In our previous articles we’ve been discussing our progress towards releasing V3.
And the first step towards making V3 ready is by releasing a test server.
Continue reading this article to find out more about an upcoming test version.



Unleashed Fear is currently undergoing some major changes.
Everything will receive updates and changes, this means every page, every feature and every design aspect.
Not only will all existing things receive updates, we’re also adding a lot of new stuff.

In order for all of these mentioned changes to work properly we’ll have to run several short test versions.
These test versions will allow us to discover bugs, un-balanced features, design glitches and more.
We’ll also be able to collect feedback and improve the game based on opinions from our testers.

In every test version specific features and updates will be tested, tho the whole game will be tested we’ll be focussing on specifics.
This means that every test version will be different then the one that took place before.
Not only because of different specifics being tested but also due to balance changes and other improvements happening during these version.
Once all the testing is done, all the bugs and glitches have been fixed we’ll be able to release the first official V3 version.


Before a test version can take place

In our previous article we’ve mentioned that in order for us to start our first test version several background foundations have to be in place.
Some of these foundations are quite comprehensive and will require extensive testing during our testing stages.

Every test version will contain more features and updates to be tested, it will also contain more testers so we can also start balancing the game based on bigger population.

Before we even start a test version we’ve got to test the game ourselves first.
We have to make sure that everybody’s security is guaranteed and that no major flaws will arise.

On the bottom of this article you can find a list of things that need to be finished before a test version can be started.
Some items that have been listed contain percentages behind them, these percentage indicate how close they are to being ready.


Estimated date of the first test version

Taking all of the above into account and all of the work that has yet to be done we expect a test version to be ready around the end of December.

Any small or big problem that arises during development however can slow down progress.
Dependable on how significant problems are, this could also delay the deadline we’ve set for our first test version.

During the month of November I’ll be unavailable for 2 weeks due to a trip to America, obviously this also slows down the time-table.

For now however we assume there will be no significant problems and expect our first test version to start as mentioned at the end of December.

December is a special month to Unleashed Fear, In December 2010 we released V1 of the game.
3 Years later on December 2013 we released V2 and now 3 years later in December 2016 we hope to release the first testing stages of V3.


How to become a tester

Once the testing stages are ready, everybody that has ever signed up for Unleashed Fear will receive an e-mail with instructions.
You’ll have to follow the instructions in order to get selected to become a tester.

The instructions are quite simple, simply reply to the e-mail by answering a few questions and giving us some information about you.
With this information we can speed up the testing stages and have the final release of V3 ready faster.

Every test version will allow us to accept more players to start testing, so even if you didn’t get picked for the first test version there’s always going to be next test versions.

Everybody will get fair chances of getting picked to become a tester and be able to play-test the game during it’s testing stages.


Things that need to be done before a test server can start

Several features and systems have to be in place before we can start testing stages.
Below you’ll find the complete list of things we’re currently focussing on.
Once all these systems are 75% done we’ll be able to start a test version.
However, some systems will be introduced at later stages during the testing phase as they are still under development, these systems haven’t been mentioned below.
The systems that are already finished also haven’t been mentioned below, these are the systems that still require work.

More information will be given once the testing stages are ready to start.
Also, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our Blog or Facebook page for regular updates and news.

Note; Most of these systems are background systems, if the basics work the rest will be added later, take for example the crafting and loot drop systems, if you can craft an item successfully or if you can loot an item successfully then the system works, we’ll have to add more craftable items and more lootable items in later stages but the basic system has to work. (Balance will also come at later stages)


List of changes

  • Security updates have to be finalized.
  • Admin & Assistant tools have to be re-implemented.
  • Account management has to be finalized.
  • Main design has to be finalized.
  • Jail & Death design have to be finalized.
  • Family wars & City warzone design and score counts have to be re-implemented.
  • Several pages have to be updated to the new design. (Bank, News, Global Events, Wanted Boards)
  • Several buttons have to be added to the main design. (Search, Buddies, Notifications, Mail)
  • Profiles and Family profiles have to be re-designed and updated.
  • All family related features have to be re-designed and updated.
  • Chat & Announcements systems have to be finalized.
  • Images and content of the new version have to be finalized.
  • Loading system needs to be finalized. (90%)
  • Loot drops background system needs to be finalized. (90%)
  • Notifications background system needs to be finalized. (90%)
  • Skills & Talents background system needs to be finalized. (75%)
  • Betshop background system needs to be finalized. (75%)
  • Banking background system needs to be finalized. (75%)
  • Marketplace background system needs to be finalized. (75%)
  • Tournament background system needs to be finalized. (50%)
  • City buildings background system needs to be finalized. (50%)
  • Family crimes background system needs to be finalized. (25%)
  • Crafting background system needs to be finalized. (25%)
  • Character & Parent account creation system needs to be finalized. (25%)


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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