Extra previews of V3

In previous articles we’ve already previewed towards V3, in this article we’ll show previews of the first upcoming test version.
We’ll be discussing several new systems that are in place that will change the way the game is being played.


Test server extra info

In our last article we’ve discussed our upcoming test version.
We forgot to mention that once a test server is up and running there will be daily development going on behind the scenes.

This development can take place on the live test server, or they could take place on the closed test server.
The closed test server will be used to prepare for the next test version, while the live test version is the version our testers will be testing.

The test servers purpose is simply to speed up the process of making the game ready, this means that development and progress are the most important aspects of the test server.
There will be no saved statistics or saved data from the test server except for logs that will help us determine how to balance certain features.


Notifications (Previews)

Our notifications system will replace our old ‘events’ system.
Notifications will pop on and pop off your screen dependable on their importance.

You’ll easily be able to manage your notifications and have instant access to them on every page.
Dependable on their importance they’ll display in different color to catch your attention even more.

The new notifications system will be included in the first test version.

previews notifications


Chat system (Previews)

There will be a live chat system that can be accessed from any page.
We used to work with IRC in the past however, installing a separate software in order to chat to players is too much effort, especially if players play from mobile devices.

Now there will be an in-game chat which can be accessed from any page, there will be several ‘channels’ such as; Global, City, Trade, Friends, Family.
Each channel will contain players that have met the requirements to be in those channels, these requirements can be found below.

  • Global — Everybody participates.
  • City — Everybody in the same city.
  • Trade — Merchants that sell items on the market.
  • Friends — Everybody that’s on your friends list.
  • Family — Everybody of the same family.

We’re still working on the chat system, we’re currently un-sure if it’ll already be in the game once the first testing stages start.
Such a feature requires the right formula to make this system work flawlessly and ideally, it’ll take time before this feature is ready.

**Note; No preview screenshot available at this time.**


Marketplace (Previews)

The marketplace will finally bring a purpose to cash in the game.
In our previous versions there was little purpose to cash, there were only few features that allowed you to spend and use your cash.

Our new marketplace system will change all of this.
You’ll be able to find anything on the marketplace and the entire marketplace is being controlled by players themselves.
Players determine prices for the valuables they sell on the market place, and it’s up to you if you consider the prices worthwhile.

This means that you have to play the market smartly, obtain what items you might need and sell the items you can spare, try to make profit if the market will let you.

The market place will be included in the first test version, however the market itself will be limited and have several restrictions, several features will be added at later stages.

**Note; No preview screenshot available at this time.**


Banking system (Previews)

The banking system has been completely changed.
Every city will now have it’s own bank, and each city bank has to be unlocked for a fee.

This means that you can now have up to 20 different banks and you’ll have to ‘properly’ manage your funds.

Eventually this new banking system will play a crucial role in the new cities system.
Any banking related feature will be worked on at later stages.

The new banking system will be included in the first test version.

banking system previews


Global events (Previews)

There’s stuff to do every day!
The global events page has been created and added to the game, this page changes daily dependable on what kind of events take place on that day.
This feature is a work in progress and will receive multiple updates during the test versions.

Global events will be included in the first test version, however we will continue to work on this feature as it’ll receive many updates.

global events previews


Istanbul (Previews)

We’ve already revealed one of the 5 new cities which was Madrid.
Now we’re releasing the 2nd new city, which is going to be Istanbul!

You’ll now be able to travel to, commit crimes, jack cars and trade valuables in Istanbul.
This city is a good crossing point to reach other cities in the game.

By adding more cities to the game we’ll be able to create a more diverse traveling routes with different vehicles.
Cities in general will start to play a much bigger role in the new Unleashed Fear.

Istanbul will already be included in the first testing version.

istanbul previews


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  1. Ezzar says:

    Dear Blaaster,

    You’ve posted on facebook to comment on the new notifications system.
    All I can say so far, is that the dollar bill is to high!
    It goes over the line that is used for the title/subject.
    I hope you understand what I’am trying to say, but I dont know how to explain it in more detail.
    Besides that, good job so far! Im excited for the test version.

    Met Vriendelijke Groet, 🙂

  2. Ezzar says:

    The background from the “todays events” is off.
    And with the background I mean the darker background from “daily tasks, world boss and daily tournament”.
    As you can see on the left there is a space between the border and the darker background, on the right there is none, it even goes beyond the border!

    Nu ga ik echt slapen!

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