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One of the most crucial aspects of these types of games is the Community.
Online games aren’t much fun if there isn’t much going on, so what are our plans to make the community better? Continue reading this article to find out more.



Having a fun, active and social community is one of the best things that can happen to an online game.
Communities have the tendency to break or make a game, there are countless of examples.

Our goal is to establish a solid community that helps each other, wants to have fun and strives towards improving the game itself but also the way it’s played.
Especially in a Mafia game like Unleashed Fear the community will play a big role in if the game will be fun to play or not.

Everybody has their own tastes of fun, and in Unleashed Fear we want you to have fun in your own way.
Some players find it fun to kill other players where others prefer to make friends and chat with strangers.

Nobody is wrong and nobody is right in which way is the ‘funnest’ way to play.
However we expect everybody to threat others with respect.
We’ll be sharply observing the community in order to maintain a fun atmosphere.

We’ll also add features that will encourage you to interact with other players.
Features that will require you to commit actions together. (Family crimes, World boss)

Continue reading this article to find out more on how we wish to achieve this.


Facebook page

We’ve been actively updating our Facebook page the past couple of weeks / months to inform players about the current state of the game.
Once the game is ready to be released we will continue to update our Facebook page regularly, more so then before.

We’ve got some big plans to make our Facebook page more active as an active Facebook page and Facebook community can benefit the game in so many ways.

We’ll be giving out daily rewards in our posts on Facebook, we’ll be actively engaging in discussions and previewing changes.
We’ll be discussing in-game events and have rewards ready for you when interacting with us on Facebook.

By having a more active Facebook community we’ll be able to reach more people, being able to reach more people means we’ll have new players playing the game, and the more players play the game the more fun the game will be.


Chat feature

We’ve already mentioned it a few times but there will be a general chat system which can be accessed from every page.
The chat system will replace the shoutbox and family shoutbox features.

There will be multiple chat instances, each instance focusses on a specific target group.
These are the current instances; City Chat, Family Chat, Market Chat, War Chat and Friends Chat.

General chat will allow everyone to chat to one another.
City chat will allow you to chat to players in the same city.
Family chat is for players inside the same family.
Market chat is for merchants selling items.
War chat is for families fighting wars and Friends chat is for players on your friends list.

This feature is currently still in development and will be added as soon as it’s ready.


Global events

Everyday there will be special activities in the form of events.
We’ve created a global events page which will be updated every day to show which events will take place that day and on what time the event starts-ends.

Currently there are a coupe of global events already in the game but we’re working on adding even more.
The current events are; Daily tasks, World bosses, Daily lotto and Mega lottery.
Several other global events are still under development such as; Daily tournaments, Weekly tournaments, Crime-A-Ton and City of the Day.

We’ll go into more details about Global events in a separate blog post at a later stage.



By adding more features and more activities we’ll be able to lay the foundations for a more active game.
There will always be things to do when you play, whether it’s building your character, looking for the perfect item or discussing strategies with your allies.

Once there’re more things to do, players tend to stay around longer and more often, which will automatically increase the activity of the game in general.
One good example of this is the daily tasks and daily rewards feature.
Once we added this system back in V2 we’ve immediately saw more activity on a daily base.

We’re working on getting more of these kind of features into the game.
Features that will engage players with one another and features that require you to make friends and allies.


Game model

Every web-based game comes with some sort of model, you have the base game with all its features and design.

But there’s also a payment system inside these games. (Developers have to make money somehow)

Most of these online web-based games tend to lean towards a ‘p2w’ model, also known as the pay-to-win model.
Pay-to-win models are extremely toxic for a community, basically the developers allow those who spend the most cash on their game to become the best / strongest and out-pace any non-paying player.
By allowing players to purchase major advantages you exclude a major part of the community.

Some games use the ‘p2p’ model, also known as the pay-to-play model, you basically pay a certain fee every month in order to play the game.
These systems often don’t allow non-paying players to play, or they allow them to play for limited amount of time in order to turn them into paying players.
A pay-to-play system isn’t necessarily bad for the community as everybody is on equal footing, everybody pays the same amount and you can’t buy advantages.

And lastly there’s some games that allow you to sell or trade your real life purchases inside the game, this allows paying players to indirectly pay for a non-paying player.


Unleashed Fear’s game model

Unleashed Fear uses systems which are somewhat different, the game is free to play, anybody can play without any trial or without having to pay a fee in order to gain access.
In order to earn money Unleashed Fear uses fair and balanced systems that don’t directly give someone an advantage over others.
Features such as the Stamina burner, VIP Profiles are optional to purchase, they’ll surely make your gaming life easier and faster but it doesn’t guarantee that your character will be better then other.

Besides the paid for currency known as gems, there’s also a new system called the vouchers system.
This system will allow non-paying players to obtain upgrades you’d normally have to pay for.
By completing in-game actions, competing in events non-paying players can earn these upgrades.

The game also has a marketplace, which allows paying players to sell their purchased goods to non-paying players.

Unleashed Fear will always strive towards a fair model, we don’t want the game to become pay-to-win even tho it would probably earn us a lot more money if we’d sell stamina for real life money for example.
We will always look for ways to improve everybody’s playing experience, whether you’re a free-to-play player or a paying player.



Unleashed Fear will always be a free-to-play game with no pay-to-win aspirations.
We also strive to have an active, fun, engaging and diverse community.

We will actively participate in this community in order to maintain it and expand it.
Several new features will be related towards improving the community.

However, we cannot do it without you, we’d like you to become and be an active member in our new community.
What do you find important about a community? What will make you participate? What will make you convince your friends to play?
We’d like to hear your input on how we can improve things and how we can expand our community.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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