One of the many new features in V3 will be the Tournaments system.
Every day there will be a daily tournament and once a week there will be a weekly tournament.
Continue reading this article to find out more about this new feature.



There will be 2 different kind of tournaments, the daily and weekly tournaments.
Daily tournaments take place every day while weekly tournaments take place on Saturdays.

Daily tournaments will have 64 participants while weekly tournaments have 256 participants.
Every tournament will have it’s own sign-up process and sign-up deadlines.

Daily tournaments sign-up periods are every day starting from 00:00 till 21:59. (In-game time)
The weekly tournament sign-up period is from Monday (00:00) till Friday (23:59). (In-game time)

If the amount of players that sign-up isn’t enough to fill the participants required, random players will be selected to join the remaining slots.
If the amount of players that sign-up for the tournament exceed the amount of participants there will be a system that will select players completely at random to participate.



Every tournament and stage during the tournament has the same rules, which is a simple but fair knock-out system.
Matches take place in a 1 against 1 setting, and everybody has equal odds of victory.
Whoever is victorious moves on to the next stage where as the player losing the match will be eliminated.

Daily tournaments have 64 participants and weekly tournaments have 256 participants.
Every round lasts about 5 minutes until the next round starts and winners get decided randomly, every match is completely randomized.

Nothing will influence the out-come of the tournament, the entire tournament is decided at random just like every match.
Meaning that everybody has fair chances and a fair chance at winning the tournament, this goes for both the weekly and daily tournaments.

Every round you manage to win will result into obtaining small rewards, the more you progress the higher the rewards.
Winning the tournament will result into winning the ultimate reward.


Global events

The tournaments feature is part of the global events feature.
Global events are being held every day and might be different from day to day.
On the global events page you’ll be able to see which events take place that day, there’s also a countdown clock informing everyone on when this event will take place.

Global events is one of the many new features in V3, this feature is meant to have different things to do on different days and add more depth to the community.
This feature will be regularly updated with new and different events, we’ll also add a schedule to these events so everybody has chances of participating in all the events.


Daily tournaments schedule

Sign-up periods start every day at 00:00 in-game time till 22:00 in-game time.
At 22:00 the sign-up period will be closed and at 22:05 a random tournament line-up will be generated.
The first match will start at 22:10 with a total of 64 participants.
Every match will start 5 minutes later until the finals, so the second match starts at 22:15 with 32 participants.
The quarter finals will start at 22:30, the semi finals start at 22:35 and the final match starts at 22:45.
The whole tournament will last for about 45 minutes until there is a winner.


Weekly tournaments schedule

Sign-up period starts every Monday at 00:00 in-game time till Friday 23:59 in-game time.
At Saturday 00:00 in-game time the sign-up period will be closed.
Around 18:00 in-game time on Saturday a random tournament will be generated with a grand total of 256 participants.
And the first match will start at 22:05, every other match will start 5 minutes later. (22:10, 22:15, 22:20 etc)
The quarter finals will start at 22:40, the semi finals start at 22:45 and the final match starts at 22:55.
The whole tournament will last for about 60 minutes until there is a winner.



Every participant of the tournament will receive rewards, obviously the further you get in the knock-out system the higher your rewards will be.

Every participant will receive money, and every round you manage to progress will result into earning more money.

Quarter final and Semi final participants will receive vouchers on top of their money rewards.

The winner of the tournament will receive ‘major’ rewards, in the form of money, vouchers and rare items.



Of course this is just the beginning of the tournaments feature.
There are unlimited amount of possibilities on what we can do with this sort of system.

We could create a family tournament system that unlocks at a certain family level?
Maybe even include the new bet-shops feature to be able to place bets on the tournament?
Or what about a city wide tournament only for those that are in that current city?

What about a team-based tournament?
A tournament based on stats rather then randomness?
Or maybe a tournament that takes form in duels? (You lose, you die?)

First we will be testing the basic system as it is now and determine later on based on feedback, data and statistics on what to do next.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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