Vouchers and Gems shops

In this article we’ll continue previewing towards V3.
This time we’ll be discussing the new voucher shop and changes that have been made to the gems shop.
Continue reading to find out more about these important features.



The gems shop is a known formula, this system was fist introduced during V2.
Several changes have been made to the gems shop due to the new vouchers shop.

Vouchers and Gems are two separate currencies compared to the regular in-game money.
Vouchers can be obtained through completing certain actions where-as gems can be obtained by spending real life money.

However, both Gems and Vouchers allow you to buy certain upgrades that cannot be purchased for in-game money.
Upgrades that will allow you to play faster, customize your game-play and give several other benefits.

None of the above mentioned upgrades or benefits will result into making your character any stronger, it will simply enhance your playing experience. (Read more about this concept in THIS ARTICLE. Scroll down to the Game Model part. (pay2win VS pay2play VS free2play etc)


Vouchers & Vouchers shop

Vouchers can be obtained through several in-game actions.
You will receive vouchers for ranking up, referring-a-friend to start playing Unleashed Fear and many other features.
Unlike gems, vouchers will not be inherited from one character upon another, nor will they be inherited in a new version.

These vouchers can be used to purchase upgrades from the vouchers shop.
Every gem related feature will be available in the voucher shop except for the Character name change and the Family name change features.

The amount of vouchers required in order to purchase upgrades are higher then the amount of gems that would be required.
Vouchers will allow you to purchase upgrades for free rather then having to purchase gems for real life money since they can be obtained by simply playing the game.

The voucher system will be included in the first test version.


Gems & Gems shop

Gems themselves can only be obtained by purchasing them for real life money.
Obtained gems will be inherited just like before from one character upon the next and from one version upon the next version.

Several small changes have been made to the gems shop, some prices have been changed and some features have been removed / replaced.
Some new gem features have been added to the game which will allow you to customize your game-play experience.



In the future we’ll be adding more ways to obtain vouchers and to use them.
The same goes for the gems system.

The game will never become pay2win or pay2play and future updates will not change this.
We want to keep focussing on keeping the game free-to-play and free-to-win.
Every player will have equal opportunities to be able to compete for the top positions.

With the new design we will be able to allow more ways to customize your game-play.
These features might require these currencies or maybe even in-game cash. (Change the color-scheme or backgrounds, adding more menu’s, etc)


More updates and changes are coming, we’ll be posting several more articles till the release of the first test version!
Our next article will contain all the information you need to prepare for the test version.
Don’t forget to read all our previous articles in order to get updated!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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  1. April 5, 2017

    […] Vouchers are like gems, except for the fact that you can earn them ingame and you don’t have to spend real life money in order to obtain them. Vouchers will allow you to buy upgrades much like the gem shop, this new currency will allow free players to also obtain upgrades. Read more about the voucher shop and the gems shop in this article. […]

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