Information regarding Test Version V3

This article will contain all the information needed for the test version.
Find out which features will be included, how to participate, what to expect and what to do.
Information can be found throughout the article and on the bottom we’ve included a list of all the features and changes.



We’re releasing an official ‘public’ test server which will allow us to make the next step in our development.
Several features are ready for testing while some features are still under development.

By running test version we’ll be able to discover bugs, analyze data and increase the experience based on the feedback we get from players and our logs.
We’ll also be able to analyze the data which will allow us to start balance and optimize features.

However, testing will start out with a limit capacity, this is due to a whole lot of new systems and wanting to see how everything goes.
We’re planning on expanding capacity of the test server gradually, based on how development is going we’ll be allowing more players to start testing.

After several weeks of small scale/limited scale testing we’ll be opening a few test run version, these versions will most likely last between a week or 2 weeks to observe balance on a bigger scale and run final stress tests on the game.


How do I become an early tester?

In a few weeks we’ll send out e-mails to all the players that ever signed up for Unleashed Fear, however you can already submit your entry to become a tester today.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions found below, and we’ll be in touch about becoming a participant.

  1. Go to the following URL:
  2. Fill in the form and submit the form with as many details as you can.
  3. Once the form has been submitted you’ll receive an e-mail as confirmation.
  4. Wait, we will contact you once you can start testing.

And that’s it, if you’ve followed the instructions above you’ve successfully applied to become a tester.
Sadly in the beginning we’ll only select a few testers and every testing stage we’ll expand the servers capacity.

You might not be selected for the first test version but you will be selected for upcoming test versions.
Everybody gets a fair shot and chance of becoming a tester.


What to expect?

The first few test version will simply be about finding bugs and glitches.
You can play test the game in which ever way you see fit, however we do expect every tester to test out every single feature in the game, this will allow us to obtain data and discover problems faster.

If there are any major problems they will be addressed as soon as possible, this might require us to de-activate features or even having to start a maintenance sessions dependable on how big the problem is.
Several features might not be fully working or might not be complete yet upon testing, the first test version will be about testing the basic foundations.
Features that haven’t been completed yet will receive an indication on their progress on top of the page itself.

Admins will be heavily engaged in testing, we’ll be testing things ourselves.
And we’ll be asking players to focus testing certain features.
We’ll also be interacting with players regarding feedback in order to improve the game and the play-experience.
During the first test stages we’ll hand out money, reduce cooldowns, revive players and much more in order to get as much testing done as possible.


Testing stages

There are several testing stages, each stage of testing is as important as the other.
The first test version will be a pure testing stage, players and testers can play and test features and give feedback on design and other aspects, there will be no rules and Admins will heavily interact with testing in order to get as much testing done as possible. (Give out money, revive characters, reduce cooldown times etc)

The second stage is what we call the play-test stage, during this stage we’re going to reproduce a normal version that is still in testing.
Players and testers will play the game as if it’s a normal version, Admins won’t give out cash or reduce cooldown times anymore.
During this stage we can fully analyze if everything is working as intended and we’ll be able to start balancing new features more accordingly.

The final stage is the final test version, much like the play-test stage this stage will be a normal functioning version.
If this version manages to be balanced enough without any problems, bugs, errors or glitches we’ll be able to start planning a full release version.
Which will ring the testing stages to an end, we expect that testing stages will last between 2 to 6 months in order for us to get ready for a full release.


Mobile version (Information)

The testing stages will not have an unique mobile design yet.
The mobile design is still heavily under construction and will be added at later stages.
Playing the game on small devices might be a bit clunky as you’ll be playing on a desktop version of the game.
Please keep this into consideration, a mobile version will be added at later stages and will be tested separately.
More information about a mobile version will come later.


Confirmed changes and new features (Information)

Apart from the entirely new design and images / icons, there are several new features that will be included in the first test version.
Several other features are under development and will be added once they’re ready. (They haven’t been listed below)
These under development features might be added in later testing version. (Information about this is coming soon)

Below you’ll find a full list of new features, new systems and updates to existing features you can expect in the first test version.


  • All existing features of previous versions will be added, updated, redesigned and changed.
  • Five new cities, this included 50 new crimes and new trade routes.
  • Stocks & Trade market history information.
  • Loot drops from Crimes.
  • Vouchers shop.
  • Missions system has be re-added.
  • New notifications system.
  • N ew messaging system.
  • New banking system.
  • N ew Global events system.
  • New Daily lotto system.
  • N ew kill system.
  • New inventory system.
  • N ew Market place system.
  • New Items system. (Major work in progress)
  • New Family system. (Several pages still need design improvements)
  • Ne w bet-shops system. (Not entirely finished yet, still needs to give out rewards)
  • New buddy system. (You will now have to confirm buddy requests)
  • Ne w danger system. (Get instantly notified upon; Duels, City warzone, Family war and World bosses.)
  • Heavily tweaked NPC system. (More NPC’s, easier to kill, more balanced)
  • Several Character skills. (Some skills will be under development and added at later stages)
  • Some Character talents. (Several talents will be under development and added at later stages)
  • Several items. (A lot of items are still under development and will be added at later stages)
  • Some crafting blueprints. (A lot of blueprints are still under development and will be added at later stages)



Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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