Extra test server information

The first test version will start on Saturday the 7th of January, and 25 players that have applied to become testers will be selected to start testing.
Every week we’ll be expanding the capabilities of the server which will allow us to select more testers.
Continue reading this article to get more information regarding the first test version!


General information

We’ve received hundreds of applications and we’ll ‘only’ be able to select up to 25 players to start testing on Saturday the 7th of January.
Every week we’ll be expanding the test server capabilities, this means we’ll add more features, introduce new systems and allow more testers to start testing.

In the beginning of the testing stages we’ll mainly focus on the design and all the old features.
Due to the new design we’ve had to change all the old features and improve their design and improve their background systems.

Several new features have already been added and can be tested as well, several features will be added at later stages.
Features such as the crafting system require us to test the new items systems first before we can implement crafting.
Some features require us to obtain data before we can continue working on their implementation.

We’ve created a “Testing stages” page on the main design, this page will inform all testers of what’s going on.
Information regarding the test stages and development can be found here and it’s crucial you check this page regularly.


Mobile design

The game currently has no separate design for mobile players.
We recommend playing the game on a desktop or laptop as it’ll simply be easier to navigate all the features.

We’re still working on a mobile version and this will be added at later stages.
You can still play the game on mobiles of course it’ll just be the same design as the desktop/laptop version.


Chat system

The chat system has been de-activated until later stages. (Several latency problems)
We’ll be using IRC as a chat resource like we did in the past, on the same server and the same channel.

The chat system is a pretty complex and heavy feature and requires a lot of testing before we can add it to the game for general testing.
There are currently several latency problems that need to be resolved before the chat feature can be tested.

You can find our IRC channel at:

irc.newnet.net 6667


Loading system

The loading system is a completely new system.
Every time you login the game will take you to a loading page.

This page ensures you load all the resources necessary to display the new design.
Loading will take between 10 to 20 seconds before all the images and other resources are fully loaded.

After loading has been completed you’ll automatically be redirected to the game and you’ll be able to start playing.


Items, Marketplace, Crafting systems (Information)

As mentioned in previous articles we’ve completely changed the items system.
There will be countless of items and countless of new features regarding items.

The items system, marketplace system and the crafting system will be added at later stages due to their complexity.
Once the items system has been introduced we’ll start introducing the marketplaces and the crafting system.


Families and all the new family related features (Information)

The game will start to focus more around families.
Families already played a big part in the game but will start playing an even bigger part.

Several new features have been added to the family system, features such as; Family crimes, New family level up system and city buildings.
These features will be introduced at later stages as well.

We’re still working on the new cities system which will allow cities to develop themselves together with families that control cities.
Cities will play a much bigger role in V3 of Unleashed Fear.
We’ve added 5 new cities to the game which will allow more families to control cities, more trade-routes and more crimes to be discovered.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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