From old school to new school

Unleashed Fear V3 will be the transformation of old school to new school, but what exactly does this mean?
Will the game be fundamentally changed? What should we expect? And how is this a good thing?
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What do you mean by old school?

The core principal of a game like Unleashed Fear was founded many years ago.
Online mafia games have been around for many years, and so have other genres of online web-based & text-based games.

These games are considered “old school” mostly for the fact of how they look and feel.
Most of these games that have survived and are still up and running haven’t changed much in the last few years, even tho there’s been severe changes in technology.

User experience and user engagement have become a crucial aspect of gaming in the past few years, where different platforms and different operating system and browsers have emerged.
New technologies also allow developers to become more creative, obtain more data and being able to analyze all this data more accurately.

(Old school design)

old school design

What does this all have to do with Unleashed Fear?

Unleashed Fear was founded on these old school principals, the way the game behaved and looked were based on similar games.
Only since the introduction of V2 have we been trying to update the game towards more recent standards.

The core principals of the game itself will remain the same, you’ll commit crimes and steal cars, you’ll deal illegal goods and trade stocks.
You’ll still have to develop your character and form it into what you want it to become, whether that’s offense or defense based or maybe you prefer a more stealthy tactic.

However, the user experience, the background systems, the looks and design of the game will be changed dramatically.
We want to offer the best playing experience when it comes to getting things done, and getting them done fast and efficiently.


Will the game be fundamentally changed? What should we expect? And how is this a good thing?

The core principals of the game will remain the same, you commit actions to improve your character and at a certain point, you’ll have to make choices whether to join a family or start your own, whether to defend yourself or attack someone before they attack you.
The main game will basically still be the same however everything else is about to change with the introduction of V3.

The design is the biggest change of all, the whole way the game is played and how it feels and looks will be changed.
Pages, features, and information will be combined and more organized.
Every feature will be easily accessible without having to scroll or search for the right link in the right menu.
Important notifications will be displayed at all times, things you should check out will stand out from the rest.


What has been done so far?

So far we’ve already dramatically reduced loading times of every feature in the game.
Almost all of the game has been completely re-coded and restructured to give the fastest possible results, this is majorly beneficial to everyone, in V2 on average a page took about 1.2 seconds to load this has now been reduced to 0.02 seconds.

Most features and pages have now been combined in a logical fashion, for example; you’ll be able to go from the Grand Theft Auto feature directly towards your Garage without having to load a new page.

Menus have been replaced with icons, which takes way less space even tho there are more features in the game then there were before.
Notifications give much more information than before; Your last received message will now contain a short display of what the message contains and your latest notifications will let you know what has happened.

The game itself will just feel more like a game rather than a website turned into a game.
By modernizing the game and how it plays and feels we’ll be able to separate this game from the old school games and hopefully be able to attract a bigger audience of players.

(Page speed + Code analysis)

old school new school page speed comparison

What more will be done to improve the game?

We’re always looking towards improving the game and we’re always staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.
Feedback is one of the most crucial aspects of how we work today, with feedback we can tailor the game even more towards the needs and desires of our players.

V3 of Unleashed Fear is still under development, many more changes are going to happen and many more features and design improvements will be added to further advance the game.

We’ll also be optimizing the game even further to reduce load times, improve interactions with the game and of course focus more towards the mobile market by making the game more accessible.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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2 Responses

  1. dudeness says:

    so when is this thing going to be up?

  2. Blaaster says:

    We expect to start public testing at some point next week.
    A “play-test” version will start in about 4-6 weeks.
    The full release will be released once all planned improvements / features are ready.

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