Items system, the past, present and future.

The items system has been one of the most important features of Unleashed Fear, and with the opening of V3 coming closer we’ll be taking a deeper look into what updates our items system is receiving.
What makes the item system so important? How did the item system use to work, how will it work now and what will it be like in the future?


Our first items system

When Unleashed Fear first released we had a pretty simple and basic equipment system.
There was a shop where you could buy 3 different categories of items; Weapons, Armors and Cloaks.

Once you’ve purchased a piece of gear it would be equipped right away, and if you’d buy a new one the old one would simply be removed.
equipment in the first few version of Unleashed Fear gave a percentage bonus based on your stats. (Offense, Defense and Stealth)

Weapons obviously were the most offense focused gear, and armors were focussed on defense and cloaks mainly consisted of stealth.

A few versions after the launch of Unleashed Fear we started to balance the items system more and more.
We introduced a ‘training system’ which required you to train an item before it became effective after you’ve purchased it.
You would also get a small refund of your previous items upon buying a new item and we reduced the percentages on items themselves.

However, the system was still flawed and unbalanced until we introduced V2.


V2 changed the way items worked.

When V2 was first launched we wrote an entirely new items system, with a new concept and a new way of how items worked.
You still bought your items from a shop however, the items you purchased would now end up in an inventory system.

You could choose which items you wanted to equip at any given time, you could also choose to store items in a warehouse in-case you wanted to use them at later stages.

We also changed the percentage bonus that gear gave and gave them flat stats bonuses instead, we also added rank requirements on gear so that low ranked mobsters couldn’t use the best gear in the game.
This change brought forth a big leap in balance when it came to equipment in general.

Cloaks were re-named and re-branded as Disguises and more and more gear got added in the course of V2.

After a few versions, we introduced a system where you could upgrade gear, making them more powerful and more useful since you didn’t have to discard your old gear anymore.


So how is the items system going to change in V3?

Where do we even begin? There are so many changes happening to the items system as we speak.
Let’s start with a small summary of what changes will be introduced to the new items system.

  • We’ve introduced a new category of gear: Tech.
  • You can now buy and sell materials/equipment from a marketplace controlled by players.
  • There will no longer be any equipment shop to obtain your gear from.
  • You can now collect materials which you use to craft new equipment.
  • Materials can be collected from features as ‘loot drops’ or purchased from the marketplace.
  • Equipment can be collected from features as loot drops.
  • Every piece equipment will now be unique, meaning it will have unique requirements and unique stats.


Weapons, Armors, Disguises and Tech!

There are now 4 categories of equipment your character can use.
Weapons obviously focus on offense, Armors focus on defense, Disguises focus on stealth and tech items are mixed.

Tech gear can focus on certain stats but generally, they’re mixed gear that will allow you to fine-tune your character to your liking.
If you want your character to be more offense based it would be recommended to either hunt for a tech loot drop that gives offense bonus.

Loot drops

Several features in the game will now start dropping materials and equipment.
Equipment can be used in order to boost your characters power and materials can be used to craft equipment.


Equipment you no longer need or materials you aren’t planning on using can now be sold on a marketplace.
You determine the value of the stuff you want to sell.

You could also use the marketplace in order to look for a specific piece you need.
The marketplace is completely controlled by players, meaning that the value of gear can be high one day and low the next.


You can collect materials from all kinds of features in the game.
From these materials, you can choose to craft new equipment.


Crafting will allow you to create your own equipment, you will be able to specialize in certain departments of crafting.
By leveling up a department of crafting, let’s say weapons, you’ll be able to craft higher leveled weapons.
In order to craft certain gear, you’ll need to level up your crafting experience and gain as many materials you can to keep crafting stuff.

And much much more

The new item system is diverse and expandable, we can easily add more items, more variations, more combinations and more uniqueness.
We can also easily implement the system in other existing systems to make the system even more unique and diverse.
There will also be several new features to make the items system even more interesting such as; Dismantling, Insurrance, Warehouses, Family warehouses, auctions and more.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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