State of the game

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into the current state of the game.
What has been done so far? What can we expect to happen and where do we go from here?
Continue reading this article to get all the answers.


Development stages

To start of this article we’ll be explaining several development stages.

  • Closed / Private testing stages.
  • Public / Open testing stages.
  • Test versions
  • Official (full) release

Our closed / private testing stages started in the beginning of January and ended at the end of February.
During this period of time, we invited up to 100 players to start testing the new design, new features and give us feedback on problems and functionality.
We quickly managed to eradicate bugs, improve the design and prepare the game for public testing stages.

We’re currently in the public testing stages, during this stage we want to develop as many new features into the game while improving what’s already there.
Based on feedback and reports we’ve improved the game design, functionality, and started balancing new features.

Now we’re working towards starting our very first official test versions.
These testing versions will be short (6 to 8 weeks) and will allow us to balance the game, even more, we’ll also be developing several new features and start testing them.

This will continue until all the major features we plan to add to V3 have been added, tested and are working as intended.
Once all these features are fully working we’ll be looking at releasing the game publicly.


What has been done so far?

First of all, we re-worked the entire design from the ground up, we’ve changed the entire layout of the game and added several new systems to accomplish this new layout.

We’ve made it much easier to browse the game from mobile devices by reducing the page sizes, reducing the amount of menu’s and by combining several pages/features into one page/feature.

Once the design was updated we started working on the functionality of the design, we’ve added new notification menu’s which allows you to instantly know what is going on in the game, you’ll be able to see events directly and start reading messages without having to browse towards your notifications or message pages.

Now we’ve reached the stage of adding new features, update existing features and started testing new systems.
We’ve added several new features already such as the; Character skills and talents, Character classes, World bosses, New Family headquarters system, New family level up system, a new buddy system, Loot drops, a new items system and much more.

We’ve also upgraded several existing features which make these features easier to use and understand; Stocks now have colored text to easily identify profit/losses, upon buying lottery tickets you’ll now get a notification reminding you which tickets you bought, success and fail messages are now displayed in color, more images have been added to several features such as the NPC and world boss features.


So what’s next?

Now the time has come to start running test versions.
These test versions will be considered ‘official’ versions and will be played by the official, normal rules.

Test versions will last between 6 to 8 weeks in order to get a good glimpse at which kind of balance changes are needed in order for all the updates and new features to function as intended.
These test versions will also see the return of the gem related features and will have version statistics taken at the end of the version.

During each test version, we’ll be implementing several new systems that will be tested until we’re ready for releasing the game to the public. (Official release)


When will the test version start?

We’re striving towards starting the very first test version of Saturday, April the 15th.
There’s still several improvements and updates that have to be tested before we can start our first test version.

We’ll be holding one last maintenance session during the weekend. (7th / 8th of April)
During this maintenance, we’ll be updating several features, apply several balance changes and add the market system.

Once everything has been confirmed working, we’ll be preparing to start the test version.


Preview to the first test version

As mentioned above, the new and first test version will most likely start on Saturday the 15th of April.
There will be loads of balance changes that will directly impact the game.

Ranking will be slower and earning money will be a tad bit harder.
Unlock stocks and trades will be slightly harder but you’ll also be earning more profits early on.
Items, Crimes, NPC’s and GTA’s will be balanced accordingly.

Collecting items and gear can now be done with several features such as; Crimes, GTA, Shooting NPC’s and shooting the world boss.
You’ll be able to sell or buy new gear from or to other players with the market system.

The warzone feature will now be less frequent (5% rather than 10%).
Family wars will now play a more important role towards taking out your opponents.
Several offense related talents were already in the game but there will now also be defense and stealth related talents allowing you to customize your character more towards your liking.

And several new features will be added during the version.


New features preview

During the test versions, we’ll be introducing several new features to the game.
Below you can find a few features we’re currently working on and will get added as soon as they’re ready for testing.



Players will now have the option to have insurance on one or more items.
Insurance will allow you to inherit that item on a new character.
Requesting insurance on an item will costs you a certain fee based on how good the item is.

Auction house

Players that get murdered will have their uninsured items auctioned in the auction house.
The auction house will hold a new auction every 5 minutes containing a random item of a dead player.
The highest bidder of the item will receive the item.


There will be a new vehicle system, the current vehicle system is outdated and badly needs to be rebalanced/reworked.
You’ll now have to upgrade your vehicle much like the new family headquarters system.
Upgrading your vehicle will require materials and money.

Profile designs

We’re also in the middle of developing a new design for profiles.
With the new general design of having multiple tabs, we can display more relevant information per page.
We’ll also be updating the graphics, layout and add bonuses for gold and VIP profile upgrades.

Voucher shop

Vouchers are like gems, except for the fact that you can earn them ingame and you don’t have to spend real life money in order to obtain them.
Vouchers will allow you to buy upgrades much like the gem shop, this new currency will allow free players to also obtain upgrades.
Read more about the voucher shop and the gems shop in this article.

And much more!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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