V3.01 General information

In this article, we’ll be discussing all aspects regarding the very first official V3 version.
We’ll be explaining changes that have been made, previewing upcoming changes and much more!


V3.01 Introduction

Our first official V3 version started on the 15th of April.
After almost 3 months of public and private testing, we’ve decided to start our first version.

During our testing stages, we’ve made several significant improvements to the design and background systems.
We’ve also started adding several new features such as; Skills & Talents, New banking system, new family level up system, new headquarters system, new inventory system, new loot drops system and much more.

We’ve also restructured key aspects of the game-flow, which allowed us to dramatically improve loading speed and reduce overall bandwidth consumption.
The new design now focusses on the efficiency of game-play, allowing you to access any feature from one screen within one or two clicks without having to scroll or search for said feature.


What’s new in V3.01 compared to the public/private testing?

We’ve made severe balance changes, almost every feature in the game has been rebalanced compared to the public testing stages.
There have also been several upgrades to certain systems such as;

Travel page has now been split into 2 tabs, reachable destinations, and unreachable destinations.
Equipment market now has categories and you can now sort the market by either price, total stats, rank or color.
Loot bonus has been added to crimes if this bonus is active for a certain crime you have better chances of finding loot.
And much more……

However, the biggest change has been the balance of the game.
Ranking speed has been reduced which means that everybody will be closer in rank for a longer time period, which should make wars and warzone cities more exciting.
This will also directly have it’s effect on the market system, as everybody will be ranking slower, which means more loot will be obtained on earlier ranks which means there’ll be more diverse accounts and more items on the market that might interest someone.


What else is coming in V3.01?

Right now the most important thing in V3.01 is to make sure the balance of the game is going to be perfect.
However, we’re still actively developing new features and updates in the background.

On the bottom of this article, you’ll find a list of features we’re currently working on.
However, certain features will have to wait before they can be implemented into the game for testing, some features might even have to wait till a new version.
Some features might upset the balance of the game if we add them in the middle of the version, hence why they some of these new features might be delayed until V3.02.


 So what are we working on?

Here’s a list of features we started working on and plan on releasing for testing this or the next version.


You will now be able to loot blueprints from features.
Blueprints are ‘consumable’ items, and they’re very rare.
When using a blueprint you will get a brand new item at the rank that you consumed the blueprint.
Meaning you can loot an orange weapon blueprint at rank 24, save it until rank 40 when a family war breaks out and get and instant rank 40 orange weapon in return.

Auction house

The auction house will be a secondary hands shop.
Every 5 to 10 minutes a new auction will start on a certain item.
This item used to belong to a murdered character.
Whoever bids the highest amount of money on the auctioned item will receive the item.

Vehicle system

The vehicle system will be redesigned and restructured.
You will now upgrade your vehicle which improves your vehicle rather than select which vehicle you want and having to figure out which ones the best one.
Now you’ll simply upgrade your vehicle and everytime you upgrade it the vehicle will be better in some aspects.
Vehicles will now have different kinds of bonuses and you’ll be able to decide on how you want to upgrade a vehicle.
There will be over 200+ different kinds of combinations when it comes to vehicles, but we’ll write another blog article devoted to this once we’re ready to start testing.

Character related updates

We’re also planning on making some character related changes.
The ranking system will receive an update which will make ranking more exciting.
We’ll also be adding several extra features such as; New profiles design, specialties, crafting experience and more.

City related updates

We’ve started building in recording systems which will keep track of what happens in what city.
Cities will start to play a much bigger role in the game, every feature will be ‘different’ in each city when playing said feature.
More information on city related updates will be posted in another blog article.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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