V3.02 preview

While V3.01 is running we’re already preparing towards the next version. (V3.02)
Many more changes and updates are coming and in this article, you’ll be able to find out what’s next.



We’re currently in the 3rd week of V3.01, which means in a few weeks a new version will start. ( 2-3 weeks till V3.02 )
During V3.01 we’ve already had 2 maintenance sessions, during the first maintenance session we focussed on getting our anti-script policy back in the game.
Our second maintenance session has brought many small changes and small improvements and several new features.

We anticipate one or two more maintenance sessions before we’ll start getting ready for V3.02, as there are several updates that cannot be brought into the game during a version but have to be added during a reset.
Several of these features will be implemented at the end of V3.01 as it will allow us to start testing these features before V3.02 will start.


Ending of V3.01

V3.01 will end after about 4 – 6 weeks after it started. Which would make it end around 15 – 30th of May, somewhere in between there.
Before we end the version we’ll be introducing a couple of new systems into the game so we can start testing them and get them fully ready for V3.02.

We’ve also started recording more statistics and we’ll be adding more statistics to the end of the version stats.
You’ll now be able to see how strong your account was compared to other accounts, and you’ll also be able to see how good your items were compared to other items.

At the end of V3.02, we’ll be introducing a system that will allow you to check all the shots you’ve taken and all the shots fired at you and the percentage of chance of hitting / missing / killing & getting killed.
We’ve already added this system for V3.01 however we’ve only added it during our last maintenance session, which means that any shots taken before the maintenance session don’t include any chance calculations that we can display hence why we’ll be moving it towards V3.02.


Beginning of V3.02

Several big changes are coming in V3.02, several new features and design aspects will be added to the game which will allow you to do more and it will allow you to do it faster.
We’ve begun making certain features more user-friendly like the GTA page design and more recently the pickpocket page.
Several other features will be given a like-wise upgrade in order for you play the game faster and make things easier.

The new features that will be added are listed on the bottom of this article, but the main change in V3.02 will be balance once again.
We’ve already begun balancing the game in V3.01 and will continue to make the game more balanced in V3.02.
Several aspects of the game will be changed which will create a ‘different’ kind of version compared to V3.01.



New features in V3.02

The following features / major changes will be added at the beginning of V3.02.


NPC’s & World boss update

NPC’s will now have a chance to get spawned with a secondary skill next to their main skill.
Main skills op NPC’s currently have a 10% chance of being cast which will now be increased to 20%.
Secondary skills have a 5% chance of being cast, shooting at NPC’s that have a secondary skill will result in bigger money rewards.
The world bosses system will also receive a skills related update, currently there is no harm/risk in shooting the world boss at all, however in V3.02 the world boss will be able to cast a random skill, and there’s a 20% chance of this happening.


Loot chances revamp

We’re also bringing a major change in the loot chances system.
Right now the entire loot system is based on how much stamina gets spend during a crime/GTA, and based on that it’ll give you a chance to loot something.
You can increase your chances of finding loot by upgrading the loot skill and by using a stamina or super burner. (Since you use more stamina so you’ll have better odds)
However, we’re going to change this system to a ‘garantueed’ loot drop system.
Which simply means that after X amount of stamina has been spent you’ll receive a loot drop.
You’ll still be able to use the loot skill in order to obtain loot faster, however, we want everybody to receive a little bit more loot and having a guaranteed chance of finding the loot you need.


Rank bar & Stats division

Currently, you unlock both these features at rank 26.
The rank bar is a free upgrade you unlock once you’ve become rank 26 and you can buy a snapshot of your current stats division for a certain in-game money fee.
In V3.02 you’ll be able to choose when to unlock these features and pay for them in which ever way you want. (Either with in-game cash or with gems)


Auction house

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article we’ll be introducing the auction house into the game.
The auction house is a quick bid marketplace where the items of murdered gangsters will be sold.
Every 5 minutes a new auction will start which will last a total of 60 minutes. (12 auctions simultaneously at max)
Whoever bids the highest price for the item at the time the auction ends wins the item and will receive it in their inventory.
This will make random kills much more exciting as everybody will be able to obtain some items from the murdered player.
It will bring forth a much more dynamic item system together with the marketplace.



We’ve also mentioned the blueprints system in a previous article.
You’ll now be able to find blueprint loot, these blueprints are consumable items and can be used at any given time.
In return for using a blueprint, you’ll receive an item of your rank and the color of the blueprint.
For example, if you’re rank 10 and you find a green weapon blueprint and you use it while you’re rank 10 you’ll receive a rank 10 green weapon.
However, you can also decide to use the blueprint at later stages, for example you looted a blue armor blueprint at rank 20 but used the blueprint while you were rank 35, you’ll receive a rank 35 blue armor.
These blueprints will be very rare to come by but they will allow you to get geared up exactly when you need it the most.


City updates

We’ve already begun working on our new city feature, cities will play a much more important role in the future of Unleashed Fear.
Families can already claim a city once they’ve reached family level 5, this will allow them to gain 1% tax from every feature used in this city.
Starting from V3.02 families will be able to withdraw money from the city bank, each city will have their very own bank.
The 1% tax from features will now go towards the city bank rather than the family bank.
Any tax paid by players by using the bank feature will now be paid towards that specific city bank.
This will allow families to gain more money with the city they own.
More about city related updates will be explained in a new blog article in a couple of weeks.


End of the version stats

We’ll once again perform an update to the end of the version stats.
In V3.01 you’ll be able to compare each account to another account, every character will have a base strength index & item strength index.
At the end of the version stats for V3.02 you’ll be able to see the stats of the shots you’ve fired at other players and the shots fired at you.
You’ll be able to see how much total defense you had, how much total offense your opponent had and see the percentages of the chance of killing someone.
This way you’ll gain a lot more insights into why you’ve died or why you failed to kill someone, it’ll give a lot more satisfaction knowing how well you did or how lucky you got.


Balance changes

We’ll once again be making balance changes to the game.
Balance is an important aspect of the game and keeps the game fresh, with balance every version can become different and different tactics might work in one version but might not be as effective the next.
All the above mentioned new features will already change the balance of the game but we’ll be making more balance changes as well.
Ranking speed will be slightly increased both the minimum and maximum multiplier will be slightly buffed.
We’ll also be adjusting the stats on items to make items more on par with your base account.
There will be many more balance changes when it comes to the NPC system, Crimes system, GTA system and more.




Previous article about V3.01

Our previous article dug into the development and changes of V3.01 if you want to know more about that simply read the article.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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