Changes for V3.03!

V3.03 is coming! The time has come to start  a new version of Unleashed Fear.
And as always the new version will contain many updates, changes, and upgrades which you’ll be able to find in this article.
We’ll also be looking forward to V3.04 and discuss features and changes we’ve been working on.


A look back (V3.02)

During V3.02 we’ve introduced 3 new features and 2 old feature to the game; The auction house, the blueprints system, and the unlocking rank bar feature we also added the old ignore and jail forums system.
We’ve also made loads of balance changes mostly revolving around the items system to make the game much more balanced. (V3.03 will have even more balance changes!)

Several problems were discovered in the auction house system which forced us to do small roll-backs in the money and items system in order to fix these problems and safeguard the version.

Almost all of the balance changes were a big success, the game was much more balanced compared to V3.01 and we’ll continue to make the game more balanced and enjoyable for all in V3.03.

Besides the balance changes and new features, we’ve also improved a lot of the old features and addressed several bugs.
Features such as pickpocket and kill are now easier and faster to use, features regarding families and crimes now give more information.
And much, much more has been added during the version….

(You can find an article on our blog by clicking here which will list most of the changes)


New features (V3.03)

During V3.03 we’ll be introducing, even more, new features in order to give players more options and more things to do in the game.
NPC’s will now have a secondary skill next to their primary skill.
Which means you’ll have to pay more attention to which NPC you’re shooting and which actions might be taken against you once you shoot.

We’ll also be adding the family ranks, family mass messaging and the family alliance war features. All these features were already semi working with the old pages but will now be fully accessible in updated designs.

Death characters will now be able to analyze the shots they took at other players.
You’ll be given an overview of who you’ve shot at and how much chance you had in killing that player.
Shots will now analyze if a shot was a critical shot or not which will allow you to keep track of your attempts more accurately.

We’ll also be adding inherit features on the banking system in case your character died you’ll now be able to inherit unlocked bank accounts and recover a certain amount of money from previous characters.
There will also be an option to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account. (City to city)
There will be a certain tax you’ll have to pay in order to make use of these features.


Balance changes (V3.03)

Most of the changes for V3.03 are going to balance changes, the big new features are complex background systems which need to be tested step by step and will require several more weeks of development before we can add them to the game.

We’ll be balancing the game once more, with new features and updates on older features we’ll be forced to either buff or nerf certain aspects of the game.
We’ll be balancing the crimes and GTA systems, the NPC and World Boss system, loot drops and prices on the auction house andmany other aspects of the game.

A full list of balance changes can be found on the bottom of this article.


What’s next? (V3.03 & 3.04)

We’re working on several new big systems which might already be added for testing purposes during V3.03 but we’re aiming at adding them during V3.04.

Dependable on how development progresses and if these systems will be ready or not we’ll be deciding when would be the right time to add these systems.
Obviously we don’t want to upset the balance of a version in the middle of a version or repeat any problems like we had with the Auction house feature in V3.02.

The following systems are currently being worked on: New vehicle system, Family Crimes & City development and more.


Vehicle system

The new vehicle system will be a massive change from the current system, the current system allows you to choose which vehicle you want as long as you can afford it and have reached the right ranking requirements.
The new vehicle system will change this, you can now upgrade your vehicle in certain departments such as; Travel time, Stealthing, Capacity and fuel costs with each category giving its own unique advantages.
Upgrades are done using materials you’ll be able to find from several activities such as crimes, GTA, shooting at NPC’s and the world boss.
Once a vehicle is fully upgraded you’ll be able to purchase a better vehicle and start upgrading this vehicle until it’s maxed out and you can upgrade again.
This will diversify the entire vehicle system and offer plenty of differences between players.


Family crimes

The new family crimes system will allow you and your family to commit a gang-related crime together.
Players that have the family crime rights inside the family will be able to set-up a crime and other members will be able to join this crime.
Once the preparation stage is over all members will be assigned an objective after which the crime will be committed.
Family crimes will mostly give rewards to the family and the players involved in the crime itself in the form of; experience, money, equipment, materials, and blueprints.
The family will start off being inexperienced in family crimes and will slowly but surely get better at these crimes and be able to commit harder and more difficult crimes and receive better rewards.


City development

The new city development feature is going to be a massive update to the city feature itself.
Currently, every city has it’s own unique drug prices, crimes and banking system apart from that every city is pretty much the same.
In the new city development feature, a city will begin to develop itself and make each and every city different from each other.
Every city will now have their own city bank which will collect taxes that players pay by using certain bank features.
A city will grow in population dependable on how many actions are committed in this city, the population will pay taxes to the city bank dependable on how populated the city is.
Families that own a city will now be able to use the city bank and gain a substantial amount of money from the taxpayers.
On top of that, every city can now be customized in several aspects and buildings will be able to be constructed to boost these customizations every family can decide for themselves which buildings they want to construct in turn of which benefits they’d want their city to give, for example, certain cities might give more money for committing crimes where other cities might allow you to purchase more drugs.

Other features we’re working on

We’re also working on some other features such as a brand new forum system which can be accessed from inside and outside the game.
Once you sign up to the game it’ll automatically sign you up for the forum which will allow you to start posting whenever you want.
This forum system will also contain some arcade games, quizzes, photo albums and more.

We’ve also been working on more consumable items, such as temporary stat boost items, instant cash, and other consumables.
Several features are for the long term development of the game such as; organized crimes, crafting equipment, street races, introduction system, a new missions & help system and much much more!


List of balance changes;

  • Crimes will now have their minimum attributes increased. (Stats to rank increase from 1.0 to 2.0)
  • Crimes minimum stats to stamina ratio has been increased by 10%.
  • GTA’s will now be equal to crimes in every way. (Stats to rank, minimum and maximum values)
  • GTA’s will now change stats every 12 hours. (Complete stats reset)
  • NPC’s primary skill has a cast rate of 10% and secondary skills a cast rate of 5%. (Used to be 15% with only primary skills)
  • World bosses will now travel every hour. (To give everybody the chance to shoot at them and to not make it a ‘camp one city’ feature)
  • The total amount of stats on Items will be nerfed slightly. (10%)
  • NPC kill rewards will now give more money and less stats.
  • Base critical hit damage will be nerfed from 25% to 15%.
  • The 12 hours cooldown before shooting NPC’s is removed.
  • Health pools, defense pools of NPC’s have been changed making NPC’s more diverse.
  • Shooting cooldown has been increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. (Kill feature)
  • NPC’s rewarding skill has been nerfed by 90%. (Used to put 100k multiplied by rank, now it’s 10k multiplied by rank)
  • Parents will now have a bit higher parent multiplier boost which will consume their parent bonus faster. (0.4 to 0.5)
  • Minimum & Maximum ranking speed has been slightly increased. (Multiplier boost)
  • Stealthing system will be slightly re-balanced.
  • Stealthing will be removed from the duel system, you’ll now be able to request/accept duels from any city.
  • Minimum base character strength is now a little stronger.
  • Bonuses for selecting your class as your character creation screen have been increased.

And much much more!


Other changes

  • Daily bonus element feature has been added.
  • Every day a random bonus element will be selected. (Either Offense, Defense or Stealth)
  • Bonus element will give 10% extra bonus on top of crimes & GTA, a bot message will indicate which bonus element has been selected for that day until the global events feature is finished.
  • Family ranks feature will be added. (Redesign and implementation, already works using old links)
  • Family allies will now be able to join during wars. (Redesign and implementation, already works using old links)
  • Mass message feature for families will be added to the game. (Redesigned and implementation, already works using old links)
  • Mass message feature will now display participants in the mass message itself.
  • Rankings page on the family wars feature will now be added.
  • The log-out button will now ask for confirmation before actually logging you out.
  • The auction house will now have a history page containing previous auctions.
  • Mini profiles for NPC’s on the online list.
  • Mini profiles for players on the online list.
  • Hover information on the top right menu buttons.
  • More information on the left events menu buttons.
  • Equipment you had equipped while you got killed will now be unequipped. (So they can be auctioned)
  • Materials can now be on the auction house. (Materials themselves will still be de-activated until the new vehicle system is ready)
  • Market section for materials will be added. (Materials themselves will still be de-activated)
  • Shouts will now be called Chat and will now be counted when chatting on the chat box.
  • Any tax paid via the banking system will now go to the city bank.
  • Success chance and crit shots will now be displayed on the death page. (More detailed shots page)
  • Going offline will now take 30 minutes rather than 10 minutes before offline defense boosts kick in.
  • You can now transfer banked cash between other banks but you’ll have to pay 20% tax.
  • Avatars will now be circular on several pages; Family page, City page, Wanted boards, Mailbox.
  • Updated buttons design on several pages; Family related pages, jail related pages, gambling related pages.
  • New character sign ups during a version will now receive a stamina boost to make up for being late. (Doesn’t count for parents)
  • Current mission page will now have a tab with all missions.
  • You no longer have to be in the same city in order to duel.
  • V3.3 end of version stats will now have more top 10’s, more info on the top 1000 and a detailed shots list.
  • Auto shoot back feature for VIP Upgrades profiles. (Unconfirmed, might be added at a later stage)
  • Auto pickpocket back feature for VIP upgrades profiles. (Unconfirmed, might be added at a later stage)

And much, much more, not to mention all the changes/updates that will happen during the version!


Dates and times

Free-For-All @ Monday the 26th of June @ 19:00 game time.
Maintenance mode @ Tuesday the 27th of June @ 18:00 game time.
Reset / Version starts @ Thursday the 29th of June @ 19:00 game time.

For more information check out the news inside the game.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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