State of the game (Testing stages edition)

In this blog article, we’ll be diving deeper in our development plans for the testing stages of V3.
We’ll also be reviewing the current state of the game, the community and the road ahead of us.
The article will be full of old and new information regarding the past and the future of Unleashed Fear.



The beginning of V3

When we first introduced V3 we immediately started working on a development plan.
This development plan is crucial towards the development and improvement of the game.

We’re currently running small test versions of V3 in order to better balance and understand the game mechanisms and improve them.
We’ve already finished our private and public testing stages which were needed to move on towards the normal test versions.

By running test versions we can establish what works and what doesn’t, we’ll also be able to see what the game needs and what it lacks.
We’ll be able to make improvements where needed and fix what is broken when it’s broken.

But most importantly, we can get feedback on what we’re working on, feedback allows us to know what you find important.
Feedback is one of the most important aspects of development.


Receiving and dealing with feedback

Feedback can be a tricky thing to deal with, as we cannot always do what the general feedback requires or wants us to do.
For example; When we introduced family wars there was about a 50% positive and 50% negative reaction towards this feature, half the players liked the idea and the other half didn’t like it.
Another example; When we introduced the automated crimes changing feature, 80% of the players liked it where 20% of the players didn’t like.
However, in our opinion, both features were necessary for the game in the long run and here’s why:

Family wars were introduced to make families more tactical and allow them to come up with more than 1 simple strategy, it was also introduced to offer players the sense of security, they know when they could get shot at and when it was possible to shoot at someone.
This lead to a mixed reaction, some players liked not being able to get shot at 24/7 where as others found it thrilling to get shot at, at any given time or moment, some players loved making random kills at random times where as some prefer to plan everything ahead.

The automatic crimes changing system was introduced to prevent certain players from always calculating and ultimately finding the best crimes leading towards them winning each and every version simply because they put more effort into testing and calculating crimes.
We wanted to make the game fair and balanced for everyone, give everybody the chance of finding good/bad crimes and everybody having good/bad accounts not based on simple test 1 crime and rinse and repeat on other crimes.
Most players were happy with this change as it allowed them to compete, however, most of the players that were unhappy with the change felt that it became too random and now that they couldn’t calculate the couldn’t always make the best accounts anymore.

These are 2 examples of how we can get very different feedback from different angles of opinions on the same features, however, sometimes we simply have to look at the greater good rather than going with the ‘majority rule’ kind of thing.
For example, if everybody would give us feedback and ask for crimes to give 100 times more rewards, it would simply unbalance the game so we cannot implement it even tho everybody would like it.

However, we do deal with feedback and try to come up with compromises when certain things that have been requested cannot be met.
In the case of the family wars system, we listened to the feedback and added the warzones feature as a compromise, to still have those thrill and rush moments every now and again.


So what’s next in line for development?

As mentioned above this is our 3rd test version, during the test versions we wanted to make sure the new design got optimized, the new item system was working as intended and all the old features got added to the game.

Now we’re working on several new features and more balance changes which will give the game much more depth and will require you to make more difficult choices.
We also want to make each character in the game more unique, and all characters in the game more different from each other. (Everybody already chooses different classes, skills, and talents, plays different crimes / GTA’s, shoots different NPC’s with different rewards)

Below you can find a list of changes we’re currently working on, there’s also a list of current in-game problems we want to fix.
However, the implementation of several of these changes requires a different kind of ‘version’ rather than a normal ‘test version’.


Open testing stages

After V3.03 is over we’ll be taking the game offline for a few days which will allow us to start making changes and start adding new things.
After a few days (4 or 5) we’ll be opening up the game like normally, everybody will have to create a character and can start playing.

However, there will not be any game rules, just like the closed and open testing stages. Everybody can request to receive more stamina or have burners activated for them.
We will ask several players to follow some instructions so we can fully test all the new changes and how they impact the game.
We also want to test certain situations where one or two players have amazing accounts and see how they do/fair against average/bad accounts so we might play around with creating randomized new characters with good/bad stats and see how they fight their battles.

This ‘special’ way of doing a version will allow us to test things faster and much more efficiently, we’ll be able to analyze the data and immediately address problems/unbalanced issues on the spot rather than sometimes having to wait until the end of the version.
It’ll speed up development of new features and design improvements.

We expect this open testing stages version to last between 2 to 3 weeks, which will give us plenty of time to sort out any problems in the game and allow us to implement a lot of changes regarding feedback we receive and general updates we want to add already.

Once these open testing stages are over we’ll continue with our test versions. (V3.04)
So we can see how the game works and plays during a ‘normal’ version.


Dates & Times

We expect the open testing stages process to start around the end of July, we will first close down V3.03.
And after a couple of days, we will be starting the open testing stages, for as long as it takes until we’ve added new features and balanced the game fully before we continue running normal test versions again.

Exact dates will be posted on the news and will be sent by email once we’ve established a full timeline.
So stay tuned to our in-game news page, our Facebook page, or via email.



Current list of ideas we require your opinion and feedback on.

The following ideas have a problem + solution = reasonings kind of set up. we’ll be describing the current problem in the game and supply our solution which will be following by a reasonings statement explaining why we propose these changes, give us your opinion on the solution we offer so we can adjust or improve them.
We’ve made this list based on what we see happening in the testing stages of V3, if you’ve experienced other problems that require addressing feel free to drop us a message.



A big group of players can easily dominate the game by obtaining the best items and having better odds of having better base characters.

Adding a 48 hours cooldown period before a newly obtained item/blueprint can be added to the market.
Adding a 6 hour cooldown period before a newly bought item/blueprint can be used.
Shooting the same person more than twice a day will now result in a temporary stats loss. (Stats loss will be recovered after 24 hours after your last shot)

Shooting more than twice an hour will now result in a temporary stats loss. (Stats loss will be recovered after 24 hours after your last shot)

Once the above solution has been implemented it will prevent teams from swapping items from 1 person onto the next person quickly to make quick kills.
It will also make wars more difficult and make every member of the family count as it will be a lot harder to rely on the one or two strong characters to make all the kills with the limited shots they can fire.



Burning stamina takes too much time for casual players in order to compete, even if they purchase burners they often still cannot compete, a lot of casual players don’t play for this reason as they simply cannot keep up with the top players.

Adding a base auto crime feature which will automatically crime for you over time.
The base auto crime feature will be available once you hit rank 5 and will allow you to select a certain crime which will be committed every 10 minutes automatically, you don’t have to be online in order for it to work.
The base auto crime feature can be upgraded with vouchers/gems to be more efficient and play crimes more often rather than every 10 minutes. (Mostly meant for the casual players)
(Automated crimes feature works multiplicative with burners, so if you have an active burner and a base auto crime on it’ll double or triple the efficiency)

An automated crime feature will allow casual who don’t have enough time to play to burn some of the stamina off.
If you’re super casual you’ll be able to upgrade the automated crimes feature to have it become more efficient and burn more stamina.
Players that prefer to play and don’t lack time, don’t have to use this feature but can still use it if they like, it simply makes life easier for everyone while making a big difference for the casual players and allowing them to compete.



In-game money hardly serves a purpose and several features such as missions/trades and stocks are hardly being used.

Once the auction house is fully working there will be a really interesting feature that requires money to be used, and the more money you have the more purchases you’ll obviously be able to make.
There will also be several other money-based features added to the game such as the new vehicle system which will require tons of money and materials in order to obtain a better vehicle. (Other features which require money that has already been added; Rank bar, Stats bar etc.)
The missions system will be completely changed and will be changed into an introduction/tutorial kind of a system, you’ll now be assigned missions rather than picking your own missions, these missions will give bigger and better rewards while describing the game and its functions allowing you to learn how to play the game.
Once all of the above is working and money becomes more important players will eventually start playing features such as trade and stocks again in order to gain more money, players simply tend to ignore features that aren’t necessary so there needs to be a necessity in place first.

By making the missions system into an introduction/tutorial system we’ll be able to introduce the game to new players, it will also make the missions system more interesting, and by adding bigger and better rewards for each mission you’ll complete more players will start using the feature.
By adding features such as the auction house and the new vehicle system there will be a bigger demand for money and more ways to spend money, if there is more demand for money and more means to spend money they will simply create more paths towards using features that are meant for making money such as stocks and trades.



It’s too easy to get a 100% chance of killing, we should be able to defend and survive more shots, make it harder to kill.

The kill system still has to undergo changes to balance is out completely with all the new systems.
We will make changes in the minimum offense required to be able to kill and make changes in the amount of offense needed to get a 100% chance of killing.

Right now the game is set-up to revolve around 40% base character strength, 40% items strength and 20% based on character skill, talents, class, random attributes, and luck.
The kill system is still pretty much the same as it was from day one of Unleashed Fear, yes several tweaks have been made in order to accompany several changes however we’ve never changed the ‘chance’ of killing formula.
Once the chances of killing have been changed we expect the following outcome; you’ll have a harder time hitting the 100% chance of kill and you’ll have an easier chance of getting higher than a 0% chance. Meaning, the minimum offense required to kill someone will be lowered and the offense required to get a 100% chance of kill will be increased.
For example, player A has 100.000 total defense and player B has 100.000 total offense this would result in a 50% chance of killing, even with the new system.
However, in the old system, you required having 110.000 offense in order to get a 100% chance of killing, in the new system you might need 125.000 offense in order to get to the 100% chance.
If you had 90.000 offense in the old system you’d have a 0% chance of killing, in the new system you’d have a 5% chance.
REMEMBER, this is just an example of how the system works, none of these numbers are accurate, it’s simply a presentation of how the system works.


Other updates that will happen during the open testing stages

  • Auto shoots back feature will be added for VIP upgraded characters.
  • Auto pickpocket back features will be added for VIP upgraded characters.
  • Help and information details will be added to the top right menu. (Give accurate time display, buddies online, and more.)
  • Several help pages will be added and updated to reflect the most recent changes. (On-going work in progress)
  • Multiple new achievements will be added and the achievements design will be changed.
  • There will now be a separate achievements page to track your progress, newly achieved achievements will now give you an event.
  • You can now spend a certain fee to inherit 25% of your unlocked bank’s cash on a new character.
  • The above-mentioned shooting restrictions will be added.
  • The above mentioned new missions system will be added.
  • Characters that sign up later during a version will now receive bonus stamina dependable on how much later they sign up.
  • Rankings page for family wars will be added.
  • Rankings page for duels will be added to the arena.
  • You will now be able to mark yourself as ready for a duel by using the arena feature.
  • The auction house will return, fully fixed.
  • Left events menu will now have colored icons and more helpful information, displaying more data and info without having to access the features themselves.
  • Family profiles will have a slight design update, members status will now be displayed and more.
  • (Player) Mini profiles have been added to the online list upon hovering over a character name.
  • (NPC) Mini profiles have been added to the online list upon hovering over an NPC’s name.
  • Every city will now have buildings.
  • Cities will now have a welcome and statistics page.
  • Families will now have a family vault to store items.
  • Characters will now have a warehouse to store items which they will inherit on parent accounts.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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